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Perl - A DBA & Developers Best (Forgotten) Friend

Perl is a wonderfully versatile programming language that can automate many of our daily manual tasks and make our job more efficient. It can also be used to build fabulous software tools and products. 

Many DBAs and developers would like to learn Perl, but do not know where to start. 

This webinar introduces the important language syntax, teaches the best way to get started, tips and tricks and how to use Perl with Oracle. There is even a small Perl project to take away so that you can start straight away. 

Perl may not be in the lime light as much as other languages, but it is a remarkable language with ongoing development, strong community and the biggest free "Apps store". Companies such as Oracle and VMware use it as part of their software releases so it is still very current. It is also profiles in the top 10 highest paid jobs! 

You will not regret learning Perl.

Join Arjen Visser, CEO & CTO of Dbvisit Software, for this fantastic presentation that will definitely make Perl your best friend for life.

Webinar Agenda - 

1. What makes Perl so great
2. What to use Perl for + What not to use Perl for
4. Brief language overview
5. Making Perl portable
6. Perl and Oracle
7. Best way to learn Perl
8. Small Perl project to take away

Objective #1
Attendees will be able to:
1. Understand why Perl is still relevant and an important language
2. Learn the secret of Perl, why is it still so popular? 
3. Learn what other major companies still use Perl

Objective #2
Attendees will be able to:
1. Learn the basic Perl syntax
2. Understand the best way to lean Perl
3. Create their own first Perl program

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