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Improve Customer Experience

As companies increasingly recognize the value of their data in defining, analyzing and improving customer experience, the need for accurate and up-to-the-minute information has become a high priority. Unlocking insights is transforming the way companies can view and enhance that customer relationship.

An example of this is daily reporting analysis from a high-volume e-commerce site that revealed to the retailer a large increase in abandoned or incomplete transactions when viewing delivery costs. This information enables the business to reconsider their approach to delivery charges, such as offering free delivery for purchases up to a certain value, or offer a range of different delivery options. Previously this type of information was extremely difficult for sales and marketing to access, and typically required input from IT or a webmaster to interpret. In today’s highly competitive world, being able to directly access this information is changing the way businesses interact with, and deliver services to, their customers.

Dbvisit Replicate allows organizations to access real-time data enabling better definition, analysis and insights to their customer’s experience. 

Dbvisit Replicate provides significant benefits for improving customer experience including:

  • Data is synchronized with partners, suppliers and associated organizations meaning more timely and accurate information
  • Changes in one system are sent to another to initiate activity there, delivering elements of workflow control and inter-system communication. For example, data from a manufacturing system is sent to the quality control system in real-time so inventory is up to date, which means customers can order exactly what is available
  • Detail’s and sequences of customer’s activities on an e-commerce site (transactional meta data) may highlight opportunities to better streamline the purchase process

Dbvisit Replicate features include:

  • Redo log-based mining technology that detects source database changes and delivers that changed data to the target databases
  • Whole database, schema and individual table replication; data (DML) and structure (DDL) changes
  • Uni-directional and bi-directional replication for Master-to-Master and Master-to-Slave replication
  • Straightforward, wizard driven install process
  • Shares, migrates, synchronizes and consolidates data in real-time
  • Powerful conflict detection, notification and resolution built in to Dbvisit Replicate   

Improve Customer Experience with Dbvisit Replicate

Dbvisit Replicate is powerful, affordable data replication software that is simple to install and configure and comes with all the tools and utilities necessary to deliver and manage real-time data. Dbvisit Replicate supports data streaming from Oracle databases to Oracle, MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database, Tibero, PostgreSQL and Google Cloud. It supports versions of Oracle from 8 to 12.

Learn more about the features of Dbvisit Replicate, our powerful, affordable oracle database replication software.


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Chris Lawless

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