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High Availability

Companies are increasingly under pressure to deliver 24 x 7 access to information, ensuring critical data and ecommerce systems are always available whenever and wherever needed.

High availability enables business to reduce risk by delivering a framework allowing rapid access to a second environment should the main production environment fail. 

DBVISIT REPLICATE delivers high availability by synchronizing data across multiple database servers, providing a way to maintain up-to-date copies of data in databases simultaneously. Each site acts as both a source database and as a destination database, meaning companies have access to identical up-to-date data across multiple sites.

This bi-directional replication ensures high availability is maintained without significant loss of data.

DBVISIT REPLICATE provides significant benefits when delivering high availability including:

  • Making transactional and reference data available at multiple locations in near real-time 
  • Load balancing, improving infrastructure performance and capacity
  • Synchronizing data between applications, organizations or sites
  • Enabling real-time business decisions through data access whenever required

Dbvisit Replicate, a reliable, affordable solution for high availablity, has features that include:

  • Straightforward, wizard driven install process
  • Efficient redo log-based mining technology that detects changes at the source database and replicates and distributes the changed data in real-time across Oracle and non Oracle databases
  • Whole database, schema and individual table replication; data (DML) and structure (DDL) changes
  • Uni-directional and bi-directional replication for Master-to-Master and Master-to-Slave replication
  • Sharing, migrating, synchronizing and consolidating data in real-time
  • Powerful conflict detection, notification and resolution in-built functionality

Bidirectional high availability with Dbvisit Replicate

For more details, visit the Dbvisit Replicate product page or download the Dbvisit Replicate datasheet.


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