• While troubleshooting a difficult windows issue, I worked with several members of the Dbvisit support group. Their efforts and our interactions were uniformly excellent. I am very happy with their support.

    John Kelly, Oracle DBA— Aidhm Inc.

Standby v6 Latest Changes

Dbvisit Standby Latest Changes Listing

6.0.62 - (22 June 2015)

  1. Improve handling of temp files during Graceful Switchover when tempfile autoextend is on with unlimited specified as maximum size
  2. Add option to compare at least file size in certain scenarios when COMPARE_CHECKSUM is set to N
  3. Add addtional status checks during Graceful Switchover if Oracle RAC is used (on the primary)
  4. Fix issue with reporting graphs where they are not always displaying in the GUI (Dbvserver) under the Reporting page 
  5. Fix daily redo generation graph calculation
  6. Improve logging and error handling when starting a standby database during CSD


6.0.60 - (24 April 2014)

  1. Minor internal improvement on obtaining sequence# and SCN numbers from standby database when Oracle 8.1.7 is used
  2. Minor internal improvements regarding OMF redo log management on standby databases, to ensure redo logs are multiplexed on completion of Graceful Switchover
  3. Minor improvements when obtaining required SCN and sequence numbers remotely from standby
  4. Dbvisist fails to detect another dbvisit process is already running on Windows when Dbvisit is scheduled using a full path to an executable - fixed


6.0.58 - (26 February 2014)

  1. Improve internal Dbvisit Standby Repository (DDR) cleanup procedure on the DBV_TRANSFER_LOG table when multiple threads (RAC) are used
  2. Internal improvement when using multiple threads in Graceful Switchover (GS) and one instance is shutdown (thread not active or closed)


6.0.56 - (31 January 2014)

  1. Update Graceful Switchover (GS) internal checks when primary is ASM and the standby database is not making use of ASM
  2. Update internal checks where Oracle Managed Files (OMF) is used, taking into account OMF files in uppercase on Windows platforms
  3. Minor fix implemented in Web Based interface when running commands against a database not currently running
  4. Improve backup function, detecting if existing datafiles are in already in backup mode
  5. Improve adding of OMF datafiles to standby database when db_file_name_convert parameter is set


6.0.54 - (17 December 2013)

  1. Implement change to cater for Windows OracleASMService+ASM service
  2. Added new variables ARCHIVED_WAIT_RETRY_SEC and ARCHIVED_WAIT_MAX_SEC to address a delay with an archived log to appear in v$archived_log
  3. Fix minor issue with Dbvserver (GUI) closed socket handling
  4. Minor improvment when last archived sequence cannot be obtained


6.0.52 - (13 September 2013)

  1. Allow primary database to be in restricted mode when Graceful Switchover is started
  2. Improvements to internal function ora_recovery_scn to check for missing datafiles
  3. Disable disk space check for Archivelog Management Module (AMM) when THRESHOLD_ARCHSOURCE=0 or THRESHOLD_ARCHDEST=0
  4. Implement fix to resolve "Can't locate object method" error when the dbvisit standby shared connection is used
  5. Various improvements when Dbvisit Standby shared connections are used.  During normal send operation two sessions will be noticed, one for sysdba connections and one for normal connections


6.0.50 - (20 July 2013)

  1. Fixed file and directory browser in GUI (Dbvserver) (Setup => New)
  2. Extended logging and wait interval when Windows Oracle Database service cannot be obtained
  3. Update licence agreement text and Windows Installer Signed Certificate
  4. Improve add datafile function when datafiles are added to the SYSTEM tablespace
  5. Delay lag will be ignored when running the Synchronize Standby database option.  Added additional warning message to be displayed in command line interface if this option is executed with the delay lag set
  6. Added an additional check to review if the standby is behind current time prior to running a recovery session if delay lag is specified.
  7. Improve compression mechanism when "dbvisit" and "gzip" compression is used for archive log management and transfer between primary and standby databases.  These new improvements will also avoid potential issues when compression is used with multiple standby databases as well as ensuring archive log compression does not impact potential RMAN backups running at the same time.  As of version 6.0.50 it is recommended to set the following value in the Dbvisit Database Configuration (DDC) file: "KEEP_ORIG_FILE_BEFORE_COMPRESS=Y".  For new installations the default value for this parameter will be "Y". This new change will also provide a minor performance improvement.
  8. Add additional step to truncate the dbv_register table on a new standby on completion of a Graceful Switchover (GS) otherwise the Archive log Management Module (AMM) might produce wrong results
  9. Improve functionality to maintain Oracle Windows Service and detect a non-existing service


6.0.48 - (16 May 2013)
New Features:

  1. Added WalkMe switch to Dbvserver (used only for demonstration) 



  1. Fixed temp file paths for SQL statement result output in Dbvserver
  2. Improve the use of RESETLOGS_ID to identify archive log files
  3. Recreate Primary Key index on dbv_transfer_log table to include LOG_ID
  4. Update Dbvisit repository to make use of intermidiate version (release) numbers when doing multi-step upgrade of software.  This release will require and update to the Dbvisit Repository when upgrading
  5. Added an additional step to check if sqlplus executable has zero size. This check is also performed for sqlplus in the ASM instance software home
  6. Internal impprovements on function cmn_exec_sql (added error file)
  7. Improve the handling of standby database recovery if a apply lag is set using APPLY_DELAY_LAG_MINUTES.  Especially when Oracle does not request any new logs to apply during the recovery process
  8. Improve the process for adding new datafiles to the standby.  Take into account the ORA-01274 error to obtain a primary name
  9. Added an additional check for SQL*Plus and RMAN to Dbvserver setup-new
  10. Add new global option "ADD_DATAFILE_FORCE_OMF" to force creating a new Oracle Managed File (OMF) file on the standby, when a new file was added to the primary and the primary file name could not be obtained


6.0.46 - (16 Apr 2013)

  1. Fix small issue when using rsh instead of ssh
  2. Do not set "until time" clause for recover command if lag is not set
  3. Update Archive log Management Module (AMM) to only select logs with current resetlogs_change# for deletion 
  4. Do not use AS BACKUPSET as part of the RMAN backup command for Oracle versions less than 10g
  5. Allow "dbv_oraStartStop status" to run when another Dbvisit executable runs
  6. Update internal tracing to allow more detailed Oracle session tracing
  7. Update Create Standby Database (CSD) transportable media option to allow both filesystem or ASM storage to be used
  8. Fixed potential issue in certain scenarios with SCN date formatting. Update format from using RR to using 4 digit year format - YYYY
  9. Fixed wrong exit code returned when a file transfer failed


6.0.44 - (26 Feb 2013)
New features:    

  1. Allow backing up primary datafiles AS COPY when creating a standby database.  This can be done by setting the following parameter in the DDC file - "RMAN_DBF_BACKUP_TYPE=AS COPY"
  2. Introduce SSH_SKIP_OUTPUT_LINES to the DDC file, by setting this parameter to a number value, that number of lines will be ignored during ssh connections.  Example if your ssh banner is 5 lines, you can specify SSH_SKIP_OUTPUT_LINES=5 and the first 5 lines of ssh output (which will include the banner) will be skipped



  1. During CSD, the standby controlfile and pfile was deleted before being transferred to standby when the direct copy option was selected and a CSD process was restarted - fixed
  2. Internal repository table DBV_TRANSFER_LOG index extended to include ORACLE_SID_DEST this is to improve handling of multiple standby databases - A Repository upgrade should be performed with this release. Internal repository version is now 6.2
  3. Dbvisit calculated checksums multiple times in certain scenarios. This is now fixed to only calculate it once
  4. Update internal procedure ora_nologging_info() to format the return value of FIRST_NONOLOGGED_SCN in a non exponential format (E+)
  5. Internal update to function cmn_get_last_sequence() and add resetlogs_change# clause to a query
  6. Improved STDERR output redirection when executing SQL
  7. Added extended logging to trace files for add_datafiles on primary
  8. Extended logging when the last archived seq cannont be obtained on primary
  9. Fix possible issue with port number for rsh and rcp in specific scenarios
  10. For RAC environments, improve the procedure doing the log extract from ASM, create oracle directories with names unique to ORACLE_SID
  11. Use DBV_ORACLE_SID in instance clause when archive current log
  12. Fixed issue with archives being created during the GS process in default archive destinations when FRA is disabled causing possible GS failure
  13. In RAC environments, the processing of multiple threads for GS improved


6.0.42 - (30 Nov 2012)
New features:   

  1. During Activation of a standby database a new "nosynch" option can be passed to the activation process which will set the _COPY_TO_REMOTE and SYNCH_DBVISIT_INSTALL to "No" in the newly Activated database DDC File.  This will ensure that even if a schedule is running, the newly Activated database's DDC file will not be coppied back to the original primary server.  This is useful to ensure the original primary DDC file stays in tact if the Activition is done while the original primary is still available.
  2. Allow the configuration (setup) of Dbvisit Standby to continue if the software owner account does not exist on the local system.  This option is to allow for the use of LDAP or other external user management and authentication.



  1. During Graceful Switchover, improve process that determine if database is ASM by analyzing control and data files.
  2. Improve Archive log management module (AMM) to sort archive list by epoch, thread and sequence, not just epoch.
  3. During the process of obtaining the next required SCN for recovery, only check for missing/corrupted datafiles if SCN cannot be obtained.
  4. Fix small issue with Dbvisit repository upgrade from version 53 to 54.
  5. Improve RMAN integration and use RMAN_DEVICE_SPECIFIER when deleting backup tag during Create Standby and Synchronize Standby when devices of type SBT or SBT_TAPE are used in the environment.
  6. Fix small issue when removing standby tempfiles if DROP_STANDBY_TEMPFILES is set to "Y", this only affects Oracle versions 11.2 and above.
  7. Fix issue with catalogging backup with RMAN when transportable media is used during the Create Standby Database (CSD).
  8. Improve Graceful Switchover (GS) by using RMAN in RAC environments when the primary database is recovered during the GS process. 
  9. Preserve TZ environment variable to resolve time display in GUI.  This change is specific to AIX.
  10. Minor improvents to the GUI scheduler logging.


6.0.40 - (9 Oct 2012)

  1. Ensure checksum is disabled in both primary and standby if COMPARE_CHECKSUM is set to N.
  2. Improved SQL function used for searching files in ASM storage.
  3. Improved error handling when directory cannot be created.
  4. Improved recovery commands during Graceful Switchover when using 11g and above databases (disabled parallel recovery).
  5. Improved code around the use of APPLY_READ_ONLY.  If set to Y (yes) the database will return to recovery mode if it was opened read only. Default value is N (no).


6.0.38 - (22 Sep 2012)

  1. Removed blank spaces from HOSTNAME_CMD return value.
  2. Improved process for retrieving recovery SCN without running a recovery session on standby. This new method will ensure that the log gap report does not interfere with the apply process on the standby.  To switch to old functionality set FORCE_RECOVERY_SESSION = Y (default N).
  3. Datafiles can now be added to the standby database without recreating of the standby control file. To switch to old functionality set FORCE_RECREATE_STANDBY_CTL = Y (default N).
  4. Search for files in ASM is now limited by folder <db_unique_name> under each disk group by default. To lift the limitation set LIMIT_ASM_SEARCH = N (default Y).
  5. Added new improved function for displaying database alert log in the GUI.


6.0.36 - (10 Sep 2012)

New features:

  1. The "Synchcronize Standby Database" option is now part of the GUI. This new option can be found under the Setup menu option.
  2. Improved "dbv_functions -s <ddc>" can now run on both primary and standby to obtain current SCN and next sequence.
  3. Extended functionality of obtaining timestamp for SCN for improved reporting capability, such as the log gap report "dbvisit -i <ddc>".
  4. Archive Log Management Module (AMM) improved to delete archive logs in batches.
  5. RESYNC_SEQ_OFFSET global parameter is redundant from this release and was removed.
  6. Additional Standby Synchronization reporting option added in GUI.   



  1. Small issue fixed when Log transfer fails on primary if a compressed log was found instead of uncompressed one.
  2. Archive log Management Module (AMM) on the primary database should check disk threshold only if DAYS_TO_KEEP_ARCHSOURCE, NUM_ARCHSOURCE_TO_KEEP and BACKUP_COUNT are all set to 0.
  3. Archive log Management Module (AMM) on primary now deletes archive logs regardless of their resetlogs_id.
  4. Check Dbvisit Standby repository version prior to running the "Synchronize Standby Database".
  5. GUI: if standby database creation or synchronisation is currently running, then the output of that process will be displayed. The usual controls are only displayed if there is no active CSD/SYNC process present already.
  6. The system_readiness function was improved to pick up correct Dbvisit installation directory.


6.0.34 - (25 July 2012)

New Features:

  1. New "Synchronize Standby Database" Option (Recover or Update Standby Database using Incremental RMAN Backups).  This new feature is only available from the Command Line (CLI) using option 8 under "dbvisit_setup". The GUI version will be available in the next release.
  2. Online refresh of one Datafile on the standby database from the primary using one of the dbv_functions new advance features opions.
  3. Adding improved RMAN integration and catering for default configuration. Clients can modify the default rman configuration without affecting Dbvisit Standby functionality.
  4. Extend the create directory option in Create Standby Database (CSD) to include ASM directory structures.
  5. Improved support for Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  6. Add new "Advanced Functions" section when using dbv_functions.
  7. Pass full executable path as a parameter to the HOSTNAME_CMD script.



  1. Fixed memory leak in Dbvserver scheduler.
  2. Fixed Dbvserver use of HOSTNAME_CMD variable when using the "run interactive" option.
  3. Fixed issue with Archive Management Module (AMM) when using Oracle 9i.
  4. Fixed minor issue with restore of controlfiles when using Oracle 8.
  5. Adjust INSTANCE_CLAUSE_FOR_ARCHIVE_LOG_CURRENT to default value of "Y".
  6. Improved Create Standby Database (CSD) prerequisite checks to ensure none of the primary database files requires recovery.
  7. Fixed minor issue when using password file (database authentication is used).
  8. Improved handling of default archive log destinations.
  9. Improved internal handling of adding and removing of datafiles.
  10. Allow for ZIP_EXTENSION not to include a leading dot (both "gz" and ".gz" valid now).
  11. Prevented the root user from starting the dbvserver daemon.
  12. Corrected the primary or standby node detection on the Logging page.
  13. Optimised multi-level directory creation.
  14. Enhanced general logging.


6.0.32 - (22 June 2012)


  1. Improve algorithm for generating standby database filenames when db_file_name_convert or log_file_name_convert is used.
  2. Fix issue with rman connection when using password authentication.
  3. Move copy of password file forward in the Create Standby Database (CSD) process to deal with password authentication.
  4. Fix issue that can cause possible ssl errors with Dbvserver upgrade on non Linux and Windows platforms. 
  5. Implement minor internal improvements.


6.0.30 - (29 May 2012)

New Features:

  1. Skip unexpected SSH output up to the string specified by SSH_SKIP_OUTPUT.
  2. Created index on DBV_TRANSFER_LOG for performance.
  3. Added support for management of archive log files in ASM.
  4. Improved management of archive log files when using multiple standby databases.
  5. Improved feedback for entering Oracle password.
  6. Improved new database setup through Web interface.
  7. Singled out database selection on Setup > New page.
  8. New option to edit the SSH port number on Setup > New page.
  9. Cosmetic web interface updates (smaller font size, new header layout).
  10. New menu item "About" added to Dbvserver main menu.
  11. Improved Create Standby Database (CSD) prerequisite checks.


  1. Exclude READONLY tablespaces in hot backup mode during creation of standby database using direct copy.
  2. Improved Dbvserver stability (error handling and debugging information).
  3. Improved reverse templates for creating standby database (CSD) following a graceful switchover.
  4. Improved Dbvserver SQL*Plus shell security.
  5. Fix index creation during repository upgrade process.
  6. Fix erroneous redirect in Dbvserver reporting page.


6.0.28 - (18 April 2012)

New features:

  1. Create standby database (CSD) through the web browser has been enhanced to provide greater stability, flexibility and robustness.
  2. SQL*Plus command can be run through the web browser under Run commands.
  3. Recreation of the standby control file functions through the dbv_functions -Q command has been extended to be able to handle ASM, OMF, regular file system and different primary and standby database layouts.
  4. CSD has been enhanced to further handle different primary and standby  database layouts. For example an ASM primary database with a non ASM  standby database.   
  5. Added more options to find the Oracle alert log in the web interface.
  6. Add "AS COMPRESSED BACKUPSET" to take compressed backup of datafiles during creation of standby database (CSD), for Oracle versions 10 and higher.


6.0.26 - (30 March 2012)

New features:

  1. Enable Dbvisit Standby to be installed with a Windows Domain account. Workaround using a local account is no longer needed.
  2. Add check owner function for resolving "Check owner" issues. Run: dbv_functions -a check_owner
  3. Allow for unattended install for setting Dbvisit Standby license.
  4. Gracefull Switchover will attempt to reset Oracle parameters db_file_name_convert and log_file_name_convert to default values.
  5. Use ssh compression during CSD instead of file compression.


  1. Dbvisit Standby can now be installed in non default location in Windows.
  2. Fix for Spanish language setting and RAC.
  3. Fix for CSD (create standby database) stop point through web browser.
  4. Fix for connectivity between primary and standby scheduler for Windows domain accounts.


6.0.24 (14 March 2012)


  1. Scheduler message error (dbv_functions: not found) on the standby server when Dbvisit Standby is installed in a different location to the primary server.
  2. Improved Scheduler messaging.
  3. Activation of standby database through web interface did not update the DDC file - fixed.


6.0.22 (5 March 2012)


  1. Fixed ORA- error handling code bug introduced in 6.0.20. If running Dbvisit Standby 6.0.20, please upgrade as version 6.0.20 may not detect Oracle errors correctly. This only affects version 6.0.20.
  2. System_readiness test did not work on Windows if Dbvisit was not installed in standard location - fixed.
  3. Check CSD (create standby database) did not skip checking of duplicates in ASM OMF tempfiles - fixed.


6.0.20 (24 February 2012)

New features:

  1. Scheduler stagger option. This allows the standby database schedule to be behind the primary schedule.
  2. Added setting SSH_RETURN_CODE to allow for non zero return code of ssh connection. Return code of 1 can be valid for older versions of ssh.
  3. Removed limitation for Create Standby Database (CSD) through web interface on Windows 2008 R2 64bit.


  1. Fix for CSD (create standby database) and Win2K8R2.
  2. Grid infrastructure permission fix.
  3. No call to ddr_repos_upgrade_60() when upgrading from early versions of dbvisit, fixed.
  4. Fix for CSD when REMOTE_LISTENER parameter contains the word "ora".
  5. Create Standby Database using Transportable Media check for local files instead of remote files - fixed.


6.0.18 (10 February 2012)

New features:

  1. 1) Improve add datafile functionality. Removed limitations of adding only one datafile at a time. Dbvisit Standby will add all new datafiles to the standby database that are added to the primary database. All datafiles are supported including ASM andf OMF.
    i - For RAC USE_LONG_SERVER_NAME must be set to the same value on all primary nodes to function.
    ii - The standby controlfile is recreated to add the datafiles and so the standby database will be restarted during this operation.
  2. Improve dbv_functions -Q option to recreate a standby controlfile. This function can be used on all types of standby databases and also when the standby database has a different structure to the primary database.
  3. Validate standby datafiles after recreating a controlfile.
  4. Obtain default ASM database name during dbvisit setup (UNIX).
  5. Validate the DDC file on standby as part of pre-checks for CSD.
  6. Extend template validation to
    a) pick up datafiles added since the template has been created
    b) detect duplicate standby database filenames
  7. Added HTTPS support for Linux and Windows.


  1. Add ORACLE_SID_ASM and ORACLE_SID_ASM_DEST to quick setup.
  2. ORACLE_ASM_SID and ORACLE_ASM_SID_DEST recorded in a DDC file twice under Primary and Advanced catagories - fixed
  3. The name of a DDC file supplied by user not passed to function calls when using option 1) New Dbvisit Database setup (combines options 2,3,4) of dbvisit_setup - fixed
  4. Remove ASM databases from a list of databases available on primary server for dbvisit setup.
  5. Fixed GUI scheduler issues.
  6. Screen and display clarifications in the Dbvisit Standby - Setup GUI process.
  7. Reverse values of ORACLE_HOME_ASM and ORACLE_HOME_ASM_DEST after switchover.
  8. Ensure redo logs that have to be copied from/to ASM during switchover have write group permissions to be managed by both Dbvisit and grid owner.
  9. Various small GUI fixes.

Current limitation:

  1. Create Standby Database through web interface is not supported for Windows 2008 R2 64bit. Create Standby Database can be created through the Command Line Wizard. This limitation will be resolved in near future.


6.0.16 (9 January 2012)

New features:

  1. New Create Standby Database (CSD) functionality which improves the overall ability to create different standby databases configurations.
    CSD now makes use of the following parameters:
    - db_file_name_convert
    - log_file_name_convert
  2. Improved graceful switchover functionality. Existing controlfile is re-used for primary database and is no longer rebuild. Graceful switchover allows for more differences between primary and standby database.
  3. Provide silent install for dbvisit_setup. This installs product with all default values accepted. Type "dbvisit_setup -?" for details.
  4. Non existent directories on the standby server are automatically created as much as possible by Dbvisit Standby during creation of the standby database.


  1. Issue with adding own ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME in web interface - fixed.
  2. Dbvisit temp p2x-* directories not cleaned up for HP-UX and AIX - fixed.
  3. Improve locking mechanism in rare cases when archive log file just arrives at the standby server and is 0 size and is picked up by Dbvisit Standby on the standby server.
  4. Improved tracing of Dbvserver.
  5. Obtain ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID from registry for Windows 2008R2.


6.0.14 (10 November 2011)

New features:

  1. Display the Windows domain name during setting up of SSH configuration.
  2. Improve next steps output of dbvisit_install.
  3. Improve error message for error code 447 on RAC.


  1. Scheduler was not able to be set on remote server - fixed.
  2. On Windows, after creation of standby database the dbvserverd process may utilise too much CPU - fixed.
  3. Fix small issues during setup with web interface.
  4. Capture Oracle message: ORA-28002: the password will expire within x days.
  5. Fixed issues related to obtaining ORACLE_HOME for ASM instance on windows.
  6. Suppress displaying DBPASSWD in trace files.


6.0.12 (27 October 2011)
New features:

  1. Improved overall stability of Dbvserver, the web-server for Dbvisit Standby.
  2. Removed reference to STANDBY_FILE_MANAGEMENT parameter.


  1. Number of fixes in usability of Dbvserver, the web-based interface to Dbvisit Standby, including the setup and creation of standby databases and the scheduler.


6.0.10 (2 September 2011)

New features:

  1. Remove dependence on asmcmd to allow for separate Grid install.
  2. Graceful Switchover on Windows with ASM now supported.
  4. New Dbvisit Logo.


  1. In case FRA enabled Dbvisit only searched for an archive to transfer under date subdirectories but not directly under ARCHSOURCEn directories - fixed
  2. Attached incorrect PDF User manual - fixed.
  3. Remove PFILE setting. This is now obsolete.
  4. Display a warning message for Graceful Switchover on Windows to configure Windows service with STARTMODE=MANUAL.
  5. Fix minor bugs in functions to stop and start primary and standby databases.
  6. Fixed issue with Graceful Switchover and RAC introduced with version 6.0.08 to deal with issue when threads are closed.
  7. In some cases Graceful Switchover with RAC may want to transfer compressed archives and this fails - fixed.
  8. Scheduler displayed wrong timestamp in email - fixed.
  9. Dbvisit does not cope with commas in oracle parameter values when creating a standby database - fixed.


6.0.08 (9 August 2011)

New features:

  1. Extend Dbvisit functionality to cope with closed threads in RAC environment.
  2. AMM module is now called regardless of the fact some archive logs reside in ASM on the source, to process multiple archive destinations. ASM archive locations are skipped.
  3. If log archive destination is not set up for the database, use default values of ORACLE_HOME/dbs/arch or ORACLE_HOME\rdbms, for versions 10.2+.
  4. Separate checkpoint and log switch; Dbvisit now does not perform checkpoint during normal processing, only a log switch (if required).


  1. Global FLASH_DIR_NUM default value changed from 40 to 7.
  2. When parsing a value for log_archive_dest*, check if extra attributes like MANDATORY etc are separated not only by a space but by a comma.


6.0.06 (15 July 2011)

New features:

  1. CSD (create standby database) now compares Dbvisit Standby installation between primary and standby and copies executables from primary if different.
  2. Improved algorithm of searching for ASM archive logs in multiple locations, and under FRA-style date directories, to be shipped to the standby.
  3. Allow one-way communication of Dbvisit Standby from primary to standby for ultra secure configurations which only allow one-way traffic. Set BLIND=Y to enforce this, but there is reduced Dbvisit Standby functionality (no checkums, no log gap reporting, no Resync and no creation of standby database options available).


  1. Dbvisit Standby could not cope with Oracle reserved words used for tablespace names in SQL statements (like INDEX) - fixed.
  2. Dbvisit Standby restarted a database in restricted mode during shutdown that potentially lead to generating extra archive logs and issues during graceful switchover - fixed.
  3. Global variable LOGDIR set to value of LOGDIR_DR on the standby server.
  4. Queries of dictionary tables called by ora_list_dictionary function altered to format the display of checkpoint_change#.
  5. Dbvserver scheduler was leaving behind zombie processes - fixed.


6.0.04 (9 June 2011)

New features:

  1. Variable SEND_HEARTBEAT2_TIME24 made redundant. Multiple times to send a heartbeat message separated by colon can be specified by variable SEND_HEARTBEAT_TIME24
  2. Provide user feedback that Dbvisit Standby is running the silent archive log gap report.
  3. Release for all platforms.


  1. Dbvisit Standby could not locate trace files while running AMM module in windows environment - fixed
  2. When running -R, do not run silent inspect (RUN_INSPECT=Yes) as this meant Dbvisit Standby is contacting the standby database twice.
  3. Compatibility with IE9 resolved.


6.0.02 (23 May 2011)

"Dbvisit" is now renamed to "Dbvisit Standby".

New features:

  1. Web-based interface using build in web-server named Dbvserver. Dbvisit Standby can be now be run through: - traditional command line interface (CLI) or - graphical user interface (GUI) through browser. Dbvserver needs to be started to enable the Dbvisit Standby interface through the browser.
  2. On Linux/Unix type dbvserverd to start Dbvserver.
  3. On Windows start the Dbvserver Windows service to start Dbvserver.
  4. Dbvserver includes a full scheduler to be able to schedule Dbvisit Standby. An external scheduler such as cron are no longer required.
  5. Dbvisit Standby is now installed into a new subdirectory called "standby" under the main "dbvisit" directory.
  6. Full web-based access to the Dbvisit Standby logs on the primary and standby server. Full access to the Oracle alert log throug the web browser.
  7. Graphical reports showing key information about the standby database process such as lag, compression ratio, size of transfer, time taken for transfers, total redo per day, and total transfers per day.


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