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People inside and outside your organisation expect continuous access to ever increasing volumes of data from an expanding variety of sources. Business on the other hand stipulates lower operating costs and reduced capital expenditure. To manage this balancing act requires regular, often continuous, movement, migration, distribution, and sharing of data. Database replication tools can assist you to proactively and efficiently manage these requirements.

Database replication is our specialty – our only specialty.

Dbvisit Replicate is a comprehensive and flexible software product bringing affordable logical replication solutions to organizations using Oracle databases. It is the smart alternative to one-size-fits-all replication products from larger vendors who specialise in everything. Dbvisit Replicate is straightforward to install and configure, and comes with all the tools you would expect for easy movement of your Oracle data. We offer 3 editions of Dbvisit Replicate based around your business environment and particular needs. It is ideal for distributing and streaming data quickly and securely for migration projects without outages, offloading of reporting and visibility for real-time business decisions for performance, feeding subsets of data to relevant department and division applications, streaming data into datawarehouses for analytics and BI, transporting data in real-time to kafka and sharing real-time data across the enterprise.

Dbvisit Replicate uses its own efficient internal redo log-based mining change data capture (CDC) technology to detect changes to replicate and distribute the changed data in real-time across Oracle and non Oracle databases.

Data Replication Software for Different Needs

When it comes to Oracle database replication one size does not fit all. Dbvisit’s Replicate offers different product editions and pricing plans to align what you purchase with your current requirements.

Replicate LTD

Ideal for extracting data from up to 200 Oracle tables in real-time from a transaction oriented database; for creating and managing near real-time read-replicas that feed reporting, real-time business decisions, data warehousing, data analytics; data migrations and for other applications.

Replicate XTD

Use for extracting larger volumes of data, when user acceptance testing is a prerequisite to going live in a new system, or when Oracle RAC support is required. Includes all of the features of Replicate LTD.

Replicate MAX

The two-way Oracle to Oracle replication tool for synchronizing data across heterogeneous environments in near real-time. Use to establish an enterprise-wide foundation for sharing, distributing, and consolidating data. Includes all of the features of Replicate XTD. Use Replicate MAX if you want to move data to Hadoop or CSV targets. And this version also allows you to stream your data directly to kafka using the Dbvisit Replicate Connector.

Full overview of Dbvisit Replicate editions and features


  • Real-time data replication for Oracle to Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft® SQL Server, Google Cloud SQL, Hadoop, Kafka, CSV, Tibero and PostgreSQL
  • Shares, moves, migrates, synchronizes and consolidates data in real-time
  • Enables offloading of real-time data for reporting and real-time business decisions
  • Offloads processing workloads from critical database servers
  • Integrates diverse platforms, operating systems and databases
  • Provides powerful conflict detection and resolution process
  • Oracle TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) support


Complete Replication Solutions

Dbvisit Replicate is powerful, affordable software. It is simple to install and configure, and comes with all the tools and utilities you can expect for easy management, including conflict detection and resolution. Plus it provides data replication from Oracle to Oracle, MySQL,Microsoft SQL Server, Google Cloud SQL, Hadoop, Kafka, CSV, Tibero and PostgreSQL.



  • Wizard driven, step-by-step guided installation process
  • Powerful conflict detection, notification and resolution
  • Automatic network configuration optimizer and management of log files
  • Real-time status monitoring
  • CDC/Audit enabling real time loading of data warehouses
  • SNMP integration and email notification
  • Flexible architecture


  • Full 1-way (master to slave) and 2-way replication (master to master)
  • 3-tier architecture which includes the offloading of the mine process to another server (using the Fetcher process)
  • Automatic setup of network transportation parameters depending on WAN or LAN network
  • Network encryption and security
  • Full ASM support
  • CDC/Audit to capture changes in source system to enable real time loading of data warehousing or BI. This loads a Dbvisit Replicate created staging table with old and new values plus all the auditing information such as transaction id, changed date, logon user, operation, machine name etc.
  • Oracle RAC support
  • Oracle TDE (Transparent Data Encryption) support
  • Easy to use intuitive setup wizard
  • Notifications and full alerting when thresholds or errors occur
  • SNMP integration to allow for integration with existing monitoring infrastructure
  • Full support provided. Automatic packing of log and trace files to easily send to support services

Supported and non supported data types

Dbvisit Replicate Online user manual

Technical Specifications 

Oracle Databases9.2 to 12c
Oracle Editions

Enterprise / Standard (including RAC), Standard One, Standard Two (including RAC) and Oracle XE

Source Databases


Target Databases

Oracle / MySQL (InnoDB) / Microsoft SQL Server, Google Cloud SQL, Tibero, PostgreSQL, Kafka

Other Targets

Hadoop, CSV, Kafka


Oracle flash recovery area / ASM & OMF file systems

Operating Systems

Microsoft: Windows 2003 – 2012 (32 & 64bit)
Linux: Intel (32 & 64bit)
Solaris: Intel (32 & 64bit)
Solaris: Sparc

System Requirements

100MB on source and targets server
200MB on Oracle Database repository
1G-3G recommended memory allocation
10G disk allocation for text*, redo & parsed log
(*if traces enabled)

Dbvisit Replicate, Oracle Golden Gate & Streams Comparison

FUNCTIONALITYDbvisit ReplicateOracle GoldenGateOracle Streams
Does not wait for commit before mining or applying
Waits for commit before mining
Waits for commit before applying
  • Straightforward to install and manage
  • Affordable and flexible: three different editions to either license or rent
  • Runs on all Oracle supported database versions
  • Performance: Offload data from production systems to low-cost dedicated reporting environments to support real-time business decisions
  • Virtually zero down-time database migrations
  • Ideal for users in a managed hosting or cloud environment


Latest release: Version 2.9.04 (11 Oct 2017)

Linux - Linux for Intel AMD 32bit and 64bit
Windows - MS Windows 32 and 64bit
Solaris - Intel, AMD and SPARC
AIX - PowerPC
HPUX - Itanium
Readme  |  Latest Changes




About this Data Replication Software

  • This downloadable software is fully functional, commercial enterprise software. It includes a 30-day evaluation license
  • A commercial license key is needed to activate the software to change it from an evaluation version to a fully licensed version
  • No re-install or upgrade is required to activate the software
  • Dbvisit Replicate LTD, XTD and MAX editions all share the same downloadable executable. There is only one executable
  • During configuration the Dbvisit Replicate edition (LTD, XTD, MAX) can be chosen


To upgrade your version of Dbvisit Replicate

Dbvisit Replicate Online user manual Upgrade Section

  • Download the latest version of the software
  • Existing license keys are automatically applied to the latest software


Please note

  • Oracle Databases or servers will not be restarted during the installation
  • This software is compatible with Oracle 9.2, 10g, 11g and 12c** databases
  • This software supports single instance and RAC databases

       Note: **We currently do not support Oracle 12c Release 2

Replicate Training

Dbvisit has online self-paced training for Dbvisit Replicate so DBAs can quickly come up to speed with logical replication benefits and feel confident that they are maximizing the value of Dbvisit Replicate.






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