Dbvisit Standby Version Support Matrix

​The Dbvisit Standby version number consists of the following:  <major_release_number>.0.<minor_release_number> Example: 8.0.14

Major Releases

Dbvisit Standby will have new major releases every 18 months, with minor releases scheduled approximately every month.

Minor Releases 

Even numbered minor releases are stable releases (example 8.0.14 is the current stable version), where uneven minor release numbers are development releases (example 7.0.39 is a development release).Development Releases : Development releases are used internally but may also be provided to customers for urgent fixes.Version Support Schedule: The support schedule for Dbvisit Standby is the current Major Release (including all minor releases) and Major Release -1 (including minor releases)


The current version of Dbvisit Standby is: 8.0.14. The previous release of Dbvisit Standby is: 7.0.68
Both these versions are still fully supported and being developed.  Version 7 is mainly bug fixes, where Version 8 will include new features. We provide support for the major release 8.0.x and  the previous (8-1), which is 7.0.68

Support for Earlier Versions

Older Major versions such as 6.0.62 are supported for specific operating systems. Earlier versions are not supported unless there is a special agreement with Dbvisit.

Dbvisit Standby Support Matrix as of June 2017

Dbvisit Standby Version 8

Dbvisit Standby Version 7

Dbvisit Standby Version 6