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Using Dbvisit Standby, ds data systems' hotel client implemented a solution that delivered automated replication of the client’s two Oracle databases with low latency of data.

ds data systems Iberia (ds data systems) provides customers with solutions that add value to their businesses, including a range of products and services based on Dbvisit products.


A key focus for ds data systems is finding the right balance between solid, stable solutions and more modern and innovative solutions which have the potential to offer greater benefits.


To achieve this, ds data systems develop alliances with leading technology companies such as Dbvisit. The two companies have been working successfully together in the Spanish market since 2010.


One of ds data systems’ Dbvisit Standby clients is a large privately-owned hotel chain. They needed a solution to provide business continuity for their hotel management system. With an operation spanning over 100 hotel properties in more than 20 countries, they needed a robust and cost-effective solution.

The Challenge

ds data systems’ hotel client started operations over fifty years ago and have grown to the point where, today, they have over 100 properties across 20 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.


As their business grew and evolved, the company developed a range of in-house custom applications, including the core hotel management platform. As the hotel market has increasingly moved to an online model, these systems have become critical to business success. These systems care for the client from start to finish, from creating and maintaining bookings, to billing customers for stays and managing customer accounts.


With their hotel operations spanning the globe, and multiple time zones, this system needs to be operational 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Along with the reliability of the hardware and applications, the continued availability and performance of the online systems’ databases is key to ensuring business continuity.

The Solution

Using Dbvisit Standby, the client implemented a solution that delivered automated replication of the client’s two Oracle databases with low latency of data.


The hotel client had historically used Oracle DataGuard for their database replication, but simply found this solution too costly to sustain. To address this issue, they scanned the market for a solution which would provide all the advanced functionality they were used to, along with the reliability and resilience required of such a solution, all in a more cost-effective package.


Upon evaluating Dbvisit Standby, they found that it gave them the same level of features and results, at a much more cost-effective level. As a result, they elected to deploy dbvisit Standby for the data replication and offline database needs.

The Result

The data replication solution, enabled by Dbvisit Standby, has been in operation since 2014.


Today the system synchronizes an average of 14Gb of redo logs every hour, with no impact on performance of the production database. 


The solution supports a Recovery Point Objective (RPO), or the maximum data loss that will occur in the event of a failure, of 10 minutes. It also supports a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) of four hours. This is the maximum period of time until production service will be restored in the event of a system failure.


In addition to replicating the data for disaster recovery, the hotel chain also makes use of the secondary database, containing a full replica of the production database. Principally this has been used to maintain service and continue to support online sales during scheduled system maintenance. 


With Dbvisit Standby’s synchronization running, the online sales system is redirected to the secondary (replica) database to provide continued system operation. The production database is then taken offline for maintenance, such as hardware or software upgrades. 


Once the maintenance work is completed, the direction of the log shipping is reversed so that all transactions are replicated back to the primary server before returning it to the production role. This allows the delivery of a virtually seamless service, even with one of the pair of servers offline while undergoing maintenance.

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About Dbvisit

Dbvisit develops disaster recovery and database replication products that ensure an organization’s critical data is available and up-to-date when and where it is needed; whether on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of both.


Dbvisit was formed in 2006 to develop Dbvisit Standby, an off-the-shelf, low-cost, high performance disaster recovery solution for Oracle Standard Edition (SE) database users. Today, Dbvisit Standby is the world's leading Data Guard alternative solution for Oracle Standard Edition. Dbvisit Replicate was developed in response to a market need for a smart alternative to Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Streams products. It delivers the full power and potential of database replication and real-time data streaming at an affordable price. 


Over 1300 business, academic, and public sector organizations in 110 countries trust Dbvisit products to deliver replication for their Oracle databases. Since 2011, Dbvisit has been ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for Asia Pacific for the fastest growing technology companies in the region. Dbvisit is an Oracle Gold Partner.



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