• L’utilisation du logiciel DBVisit a été étudiée dans le cadre d’un projet de reporting concernant les droits d’acquisition audiovisuels. Afin de ne pas impacter les performances de la base de données transactionnelle, nous avons mis en œuvre Dbvisit pour répliquer un certain nombre de tables et ainsi faire du reporting en temps réel. Nous avons été grandement satisfaits de la simplicité d’installation du produit ainsi que du suivi lors des tests par les équipes techniques de Dbvisit.

    The use of Dbvisit Replicate had been evaluated for a project regarding multimedia acquisition rights. In order to not impact the performance of the transactional database we used Dbvisit Replicate on a few tables to offload reporting. We have been extremely satisfied by the simplicity of product installation as well as the service from the Dbvisit support team during the evaluation tests.

    Stephane Claude, I.T. Manager— TF1

Bundle Partners

Your customers expect true disaster recovery for protection of their critical data systems. Bundling Dbvisit Standby with your solutions that are built on Oracle Database platforms to enable proven business continuity capabilities without the cost, effort and risk inherent to in house development.

Now you can deliver business continuity with near real-time disaster recovery without having to upgrade your customers to Enterprise Edition. Synchronize data between your production software and Dbvisit Standby and, in the event of disaster, users keep operating without disruption.

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Our software is not only easy for customers to use, it is low cost and includes important features to help you integrate it with your products:

  • Batch installer
  • Batch creation of Standby databases
  • Simple log file monitoring of all activity, errors, and warnings
  • Reporting of the standby database process
  • Archive log gap monitoring and reporting
  • Web interface for ease of administration
  • API's available (including testing tools)


Dbvisit Standby is bundled into products from leading companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, FISERV, Rudolph Technologies, and CompuGroup Medical.

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