Reseller Partners

Join the Dbvisit Partner Network and offer Business Continuity, Real-Time Business Decisions, and Database Upgrade and Migrations to your Oracle customers.


We are able to offer our clients more choice, deliver bigger projects using only Oracle SE and SE1 and we get to add our services on top of their product.

Dirk Melzer - Aspicon GmbH, Germany.

Top 4 reasons to join the Dbvisit Reseller Program:

1. Differentiate yourself

Our partners tell us that they love being able to deliver an alternative option when it comes to their customer's Oracle database replication projects. One that shows that how well they understand the customer's unique requirements and all while offering genuine value.

2. Increase your revenue

In addition to your margin on initial license sales and on going revenue from support renewals, your ability to deliver a complete customer solution means significant additional revenue opportunities for you. Sell servers, storage, databases, hosting, consulting and implementation services around Dbvisit products.

3. We make it easy

Close deals quickly with:

  • Proven products: software that is easy to integrate and deploy
  • Exceptional customer service: simple, straightforward ordering processes and quick turnaround on your enquiries
  • Comprehensive technical support: our support team is on hand to provide you with priority support
  • Technical training: comprehensive, on going training is provided to all partners and can be tailored to your team’s requirements

4. We want you to succeed

Your loyalty deserves a partnership that is built to last. As a product-only company we depend on our Partners for the delivery of a complete solution. Our Partner Program focuses on supporting you with:

  • Responsiveness: Your Territory Manager will ensure we are responsive to all your technical and commercial needs
  • Deal registration: a transparent system to protect your business
  • Leads: from prospects who request to work with a local partner


Become a Partner

We have an awesome global network of smart Oracle-oriented heroes who deliver complete solutions. Together we love being able to provide our customers with a great alternative database replication solution. Contact us to be connected with your local Territory Manager.