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As a Dbvisit partner you join a growing community of Oracle experts worldwide.

With total focus on the field of Oracle replication, Dbvisit Software has two product offerings:

Dbvisit Standby: the world-leading disaster recovery solution for the Oracle Standard Edition database.

Dbvisit Replicate: logical data replication for Oracle sourced databases. Enabling zero downtime migrations, real time offloading of reporting and moving data in and/or out of the cloud.


Reseller Partners

Providing resellers, service providers and systems integrators with the solutions and support to become the trusted advisor for your Oracle database customers, offering the replication tools that are the right fit for your customer’s needs.

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Cloud Service Providers

Dbvisit replication products enable you to gain a competitive advantage and add to your Oracle service offering by providing affordable disaster recovery, zero downtime migrations and real time offload reporting.

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Application Partners

Dbvisit Software offers easy integration with your solutions that are built on Oracle Database platforms. Enable proven replication capabilities for disaster recovery, real time reporting, and migrations, without the cost, effort and risk inherent to in house development.

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