Oracle Database Appliance and Dbvisit Standby

Oracle Database Appliance integrates software, compute, storage, and network resources to deliver database services for a wide range of custom and packaged online transaction processing (OLTP), in memory database, and data warehousing applications. These servers provide significant performance benefits making it perfect if you are concerned about performance within your environment because they are:

  • Affordable with multiple options for Oracle Standard Edition (SE) customers using Oracle Database 12c
  • Optimized for database performance
  • Scalable
  • Architected for both on-premises and cloud

Oracle SE customers now have an option for purchasing ODA servers that are specifically focused on providing small to medium sized organizations using Oracle SE, with the security and reliability of Oracle power traditionally reserved for enterprise companies. Our customers such as Das Juridique are already recognizing the value of having ODA and a full DR solution.

Oracle Database Appliance and Dbvisit Standby

With Dbvisit Standby and the Oracle Database Appliance, Oracle SE customers have a total solution that includes high performance hardware for your on-premises production environment, and a cost effective, reliable Disaster Recovery solution that reduces the risk of business disruption and ensures business continuity.

Dbvisit Standby:

  • Ensures your critical data is always protected and recoverable
  • Is simple to install and use 
  • Has an intuitive GUI that makes failover/switchover functions seamless
  • Delivers enterprise level DR functionality for Oracle SE customers
  • Offer flexible and scalable options - on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid 

Download the ODA datasheet.

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ODA Configurations

1. ODA to ODA 

Implement 2 ODA servers with Oracle SE and Dbvisit Standby for a robust on-premise solution that delivers high performance with full business continuity.

  • Full on-premise high performance solution for Oracle SE Customers 
  • A complete Oracle Standard Edition solution at an affordable price


2. ODA to Oracle Cloud

Begin your cloud journey with a hybrid solution of one ODA server for robust on-premise performance, Dbvisit Standby for full business continuity and the Oracle Cloud as the standby location.

  • A complete Oracle Standard Edition hybrid on premise and cloud solution at an affordable price
  • Take the first step into the Oracle Cloud without risk

See your local reseller or contact us for further information.

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