Why is disaster recovery software important?

Why is disaster recovery software important?

Oct 23, 2014


Whether it's natural disasters, power outages, supply chain issues or a range of other problems, organizations often face ongoing risks to the smooth functioning of business processes.

This can be particularly costly when IT systems are interrupted, preventing staff, customers and partners from accessing valuable information and services if company databases become unavailable.

For some firms, systems need to be running 24/7, which is why many create comprehensive business continuity plans to ensure they are prepared when unforeseen circumstances strike.

Investing in Oracle standby databases is one way organizations can optimize their disaster recovery capabilities, helping provide an immediate response to incidents that would normally halt business operations.

Not only does Oracle disaster recovery minimize downtime and reduce any potential impact on revenues, the software can help provide peace of mind to partners, suppliers and other stakeholders in the event of a systems outage.

How does Oracle disaster recovery work?

Standby database technology performs a physical duplication of primary databases, creating a secondary system that is identical to the original in every way.

Businesses can store these secondary databases at a different location from the main site or keep them in the cloud, meaning they are protected from environmental problems that could bring a source database down.

Furthermore, real-time replication ensures any changes made to the original system are applied to all back-up databases immediately. This prevents the loss of valuable data when businesses failover to the standby database.

Organizations can therefore benefit from almost instantaneous disaster recovery capabilities, safe in the knowledge that business information remains up to date and accessible.

This creates savings across a number of areas, including the prevention of lost orders, reducing the amount of time staff are left idle and potentially bringing down the price of insurance policies.

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