The world’s ‘greenest’ data center set to be built in Sweden

The world’s ‘greenest’ data center set to be built in Sweden

Mar 10, 2015


Offsetting carbon emissions has become a priority for companies in all sectors in the past few years. The release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere is having a detrimental effect on the environment, and big business has been leading the charge to correct the issue.

In Sweden, one project is underway that not only limits any negative impact it has on the wider world, but actually goes some way to reversing the process of environmental change.

The town of Falun has become home to the first ever 'climate positive' data center. Ultimately, this means it has a carbon impact less than zero due to the way it interacts with municipal utility systems.

According to Gizmag, there are three million data centers in use across the globe, with information technology as a whole consuming over 10 per cent of the total energy produced worldwide.

Data centers by their nature produce heat, which can have a vast environmental impact - especially when twinned with the sheer amount of electricity they need to run at full capacity.

The EcoDataCenter in Sweden will recycle much of its resources and draw energy from local solutions that are already sustainable, such as solar and hydroelectric power.

As many hubs are used to house information from standby databases, security at the site will also be of the highest priority. The whole facility will be penned in and under constant lock and key, while state-of-the-art surveillance will be used to keep an eye on both the internals and externals of the data center.

"The data centre is significantly more energy efficient than regular data centres and the integration with the district heating and cooling system means that energy is used that otherwise would have been wasted," explained EcoDataCenter co-founder Borge Granli.

As well as proving kind to the environment, the project will have a guaranteed high uptime, as well as safety specifications ranked as Tier IV - an accolade held by only 12 data centers globally.

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