Oracle moves to create more partnerships to aid Database 12c ease of use

Oracle moves to create more partnerships to aid Database 12c ease of use

Apr 30, 2015


Oracle has moved to cement two partnerships which will ideally cement the position of its database offerings as quality solutions.

The first of which involved SAP and Oracle certifying each others' products, the main aim being to streamline Oracle Database 12c's ease of use for enterprises. The allegiance actually stretches back nearly two decades, with organizations that implement offerings from both companies now set for continued support.

"The recent certification of Oracle Database 12c by SAP is a testament to Oracle and SAP's ongoing commitment to our mutual customers," explained Andy Mendelsohn, executive vice president of Database Server Technologies with Oracle, in a April 2 blog post from the company.

Oracle and Accenture

Alongside the partnership with SAP, Oracle has also announced a new business group with Accenture, which will have a broad focus on digital transformation and the cloud. 

"Building on our 23-year alliance relationship, the Accenture Oracle Business Group combines Accenture's deep industry and technology experience with Oracle's expansive set of cloud solutions to deliver client value not found elsewhere in the market today," said Stephen Rohleder, group chief executive for North America at Accenture in an April 27 media release.

Much of the focus of the two companies will be on the cloud, with a number of key issues set to form the heart of the collective ideals of the business group.

From the enterprise point of view, joint solutions can help companies assess their cloud readiness, and whether or not they have thorough enough data migration practices, tools and testing in place.

Overall, the pair hopes that they can enable more adoption of cloud technology, while also providing solutions that are robust enough to help simplify the process of implementing innovative technologies.

The pursuit of 'high velocity' business

"By providing a single process to implement end-to-end mission- critical services, the Accenture Oracle Business Group is ideally positioned to help our customers realize the true benefits of cloud computing," surmised Thomas Kurian, president of Product Development with Oracle.

A little more on the philosophy of the partnership between the two companies, and how it hopes to support enterprises in pursuits to become 'high velocity' can be found in this YouTube video:

While Oracle's move to create more partnerships may be skeptically viewed by some as an ancillary way to push its own database products, the joint relationships will likely aid enterprises looking to leverage its solutions and help improve their digital transformation practices.

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