Oracle launches better big data integration tools for Database 12c

Oracle launches better big data integration tools for Database 12c

May 7, 2015


The enterprise world has assigned a number of definitions to 'big data' over the last few years. While many have acknowledged it, actually pouring the vast pools of information that the phrase often describes is much easier said than done.

It's easy to see there's a veritable treasure trove of data to be had, but transforming a database full of it into genuine, tangible enterprise insights is where the real skill lies. Fortunately for Oracle users, the company has introduced a tool that can minimise the time it takes to direct data into business decisions.

Increased speed, agility and integration

Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) allows vast swathes of unstructured data to be used in the same way as regularly accessed data warehouses, or existing structured primary and standby databases.

73 per cent of companies are utilizing big data now, or plan to in the next two years.

"This is a significant milestone for big data tools," explained vice president of product management at Oracle Jeff Pollock, in a April 6 media release.

One of the big bonuses that ODI has over similar solutions is that it effectively runs off propriety code. Therefore, there's no need for enterprise users to invest in additional development, as it can be used natively in existing clusters.

Consequently, the new solution will be incredibly easy for companies using Oracle Database 12c to deploy across their data endeavours. A little more on how ODI can integrate existing data is shown in this tweet:

The growing importance of big data

Research from Gartner outlined how more organizations than ever are seeking out ways to implement big data solutions, with 73 per cent of the companies it surveyed either utilizing it now, or due to invest in it over the next two years.

The number one factor for this push is improving process efficiency. Ultimately, today's biggest and brightest companies are always looking into ways to get ahead of one another, and leveraging big data can help them do just that.

The types of information that are considered to be big data are ever-changing. For example, Gartner found that companies are looking to include both audio and video in their practices, a challenging prospect which will require a flexible database and IT infrastructure.

Again, as is the case with ODI, Oracle is addressing the importance of big data to its users, and the company's mantra on the topic can be viewed in this video:

Big data is here to stay, and enterprises that have already accepted that fact and are funneling the vast amount of information into any existing databases - and consequent insights - will likely stay ahead.

Oracle has moved to streamline the process of integrating big data into enterprises practices, with its customers likely to benefit from the companies ongoing efforts to provide tools that can add value to the wider business.

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