Oracle Industry Connect 2015: Adaptable enterprises get ahead

Oracle Industry Connect 2015: Adaptable enterprises get ahead

Mar 31, 2015


Oracle Industry Connect 2015 is an event that takes place each year, giving business leaders from a wealth of sectors the opportunity to discuss their mission-critical systems.

Over the two days starting March 25, the invitation-only showcase provides a forum for cross-company collaboration and complex enterprise problem solving. This year, the focus has been on adaptability.

More and more businesses must adopt an 'adapt or die' mentality.

The keynote address from Oracle CEO Mark Hurd opened the conference, noting that more and more businesses must adopt an 'adapt or die' mentality - especially in the digital space.

"Around you is an incredible amount of turmoil, an incredible amount of dynamism and an incredible amount of change. You have a chance to thrive. You also have a chance to go away if you don't adapt," Mr Hurd said.

The talk was covered extensively by Forbes, as Oracle tweeted:

Mr Hurd noted in his speech that while 18 percent of organi​zations are looking to use their budgets to invest in new infrastructure technologies and emerging solutions, the vast majority - the other 82 percent - are spending the capital set aside for IT on merely keeping existing systems running.

Progressive data management

The art of being progressive of course relates to data. Later in the keynote, Mr Hurd pointed to the fact any company that is running its primary and standby databases away from the cloud environment should look to reassess its practices.

Cloud is taking the onus of development away from individual enterprises and placing it on the vendors. It represents a big shift for the IT sector in general, according to Mr Hurd​, as it is transferring responsibility "from one part of the industry to another".

Development from Oracle

Oracle itself is constantly looking for ways to improve its products, with much of Oracle Industry Connect 2015 looking at identifying problems.

"[Oracle currently has] US$500 million in annual R&D spend and more than 22,000 employees that wake up every day focused on solving industry-specific business problems," explained Bob Weiler, executive vice president of the company's Global Business Units.

The only low point of the proceedings of Oracle Industry Connect 2015 occurred when the company's billionaire co-founder Larry Ellison had to cancel his planned keynote after being taken ill. 

Fortunately, some of those in the audience managed to see the humorous side of things:

As the conference wraps up again for another year, it remains to be seen whether the gathered insights will take on any true value. However, Oracle is attempting to encourage more collaboration between enterprises which will ideally see more companies embracing progressive IT thinking.

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