Oracle DBAs given one year to recertify

Oracle DBAs given one year to recertify

Oct 10, 2014


Oracle has announced that database administrators (DBAs) will be required to recertify their credentials in order to remain active holders.

The company is retiring a number of its certifications, meaning they will not be open to new candidates and existing holders will have 12 months to recertify.

DBAs with Oracle 10g credentials will have one year from March 1, 2015, while those with older versions must have their professional qualifications updated by Nov.1, 2015.

People who fail to achieve this within the desired timeframe will have their certifications changed to 'inactive' status. As a result, they won't be able to use Oracle logos or print copies of certifications as proof of their abilities.

"Recertification is a common and respected practice in the IT industry. Technology changes quickly and your skills need to keep up with rapid changes," Oracle explained on its website.

"The business and technical communities expect the highest level of skill and commitment from Oracle certified professionals."

Achieving recertification is part of maintaining this excellence and meeting industry standards now and in the future, the software maker added.

DBAs with multiple retired credentials will not need to update each one. Instead, only a single certification needs to be upgraded for the user to remain active.

Once a certification becomes inactive, DBAs can still upgrade to a newer version without penalties if they wish. When recertification is completed, the credential will switch to active.

Oracle has acknowledged that the recertification process contradicts an earlier policy that previously claimed the professional qualifications are permanent.

However, the firm said: "Periodically, we review policies for relevancy. This is a policy change that helps maintain the integrity of our certification program and the value of your certification."

A full list of versions set to retire, including dates for each certification, are available on the Oracle University website.

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