Oracle continues to leverage cloud technology

Oracle continues to leverage cloud technology

Apr 16, 2015


Oracle is making efforts to drive enterprise cloud adoption, as it continues to shift its focus toward the technology. Due to the sheer number of cloud-based applications that Oracle now offers, it makes seamless integration for business users that much easier.

More on how the cloud integration process works is described in this YouTube video published by Oracle:

This is, of course, relevant to both primary and standby database clusters. In fact, even Larry Ellison has pointed out that more users are utilising database solutions from Oracle, with the uptake peaking at never-before-seen levels.

Organisations are adopting Oracle Solaris 12c at "higher rates than anything we've seen for a very, very long time," Ellison explained, as reported by Forbes. 

"You can take any workload, any database that you currently have running in your data center and move your database with the push of a button and move your application and run it in the Oracle Cloud. Nobody else can do that. We're the only ones that allow you to move data and workload back and forth between the cloud and on premises," he added.

Growth in Oracle's cloud revenue hit 29 percent - representing a value of $527 million.

Oracle rolled out a raft of additions to its cloud-based offerings last September at Oracle Openworld. Since then, the uptake has continued with organizations appearing to grasp the opportunity to add more flexibility to their systems.

"Oracle will continue to expand its portfolio of functionally rich, integrated, and secure platform services built on a core set of infrastructure services to truly empower the developer community to build modern applications of tomorrow," said Thomas Kurian, executive vice president of product development late in 2014.

Oracle isn't merely blowing hot air either, as the sales figures of its cloud-based solutions back up the steps that the company has made to innovate. Growth in Oracle's cloud revenue hit 29 percent - representing a value of $527 million in its fiscal 2015 Q3 report published on March 17.

The company's next ‚Äčendeavor in the cloud is based around Oracle Learning, and you can read more about it here:

Oracle remains the world's most widely distributed database provider, and the company didn't get to the top by taking that many missteps along the way. If Oracle continues to pursue attempts to better leverage the cloud, the vast majority of its peers will likely have to follow suit.

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