Gartner: Focus on big data increasing among businesses

Gartner: Focus on big data increasing among businesses

Sep 26, 2014


Organizations continue to show an increasing appetite for big data, with close to three-quarters having already invested in the market segment - or at least planning to over the next two years.

This is according to recent statistics from Gartner, which claimed 73 percent of businesses are taking the plunge as they look to improve customer experiences.

The figure is noticeably higher than the 64 percent of respondents who said the same when a similar survey was conducted last year. Fewer organizations also reported they had no plans to spend on big data - 29 percent compared with 31 percent in 2013.

Lisa Kart, research director at Gartner, commented that big data is being used in a multitude of ways across various sectors.

"The most dramatic changes are in enhancing customer experience, especially in transportation, healthcare, insurance, media and communications, retail and banking," she explained.

Monetizing data is also a popular area, particularly for manufacturers, government agencies and IT vendors.

Interest in big data has snowballed in recent times, which could pose some challenges and opportunities for database administrators in terms of reporting. However, Oracle replication software is designed to help with this burden, allowing companies to create dedicated reporting environments without hampering the performance of production databases.

Gartner highlighted a number of other obstacles that could be preventing big data implementation. These included defining a strategy, deriving value from information and finding the skills and capabilities required to run effective initiatives.

Despite this, countries worldwide are keen to ramp up investment, although development is advancing more quickly in some nations than others.

Nick Heudecker, research director at Gartner, said: "Big data investment continues to be led by North America, with 47 percent of organizations reporting investment, up from 37.8 percent in 2013."

He added that while North America is ahead of the pack, all other regions experienced a rise in big data investments over the last year. 

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