Disaster recovery a top priority for businesses

Disaster recovery a top priority for businesses

Mar 10, 2015


Virtual server backup is of the highest priority to IT companies in 2015, according to the latest research from ComputerWeekly.com and TechTarget.

The survey asked 111 IT professionals which areas would be their main focus over the coming months, with more effective disaster recovery and data migration highlighted by 16 percent of the sample as the most important consideration.

While many are already utilising backups, no single solution ranked prominently. Only 30 percent of the organizations explained that they were implementing cloud-based systems to replicate their data. Moreover, a lesser 28 percent are using virtual servers as their primary backup solution.

Despite the preventative measures offering a mixed bag, the survey did outline that enterprises are becoming better aware of the importance of disaster recovery. Forty-five percent of those questioned acknowledged that managing the fallout from any data loss will be a key project this year.

As briefly touched on, cloud-based disaster recovery has not yet fully taken hold, but the growth in its importance is likely to be exponential. While many organizations have not yet implemented the pillars of such a solution, 30 percent explained that getting a cloud-based system up and running is a task of the highest priority.

The cloud continues to be used less for production data as it continues to pose latency issues in such instances. However, it's usefulness for archiving, backup and disaster recovery cannot be underplayed, with the most savvy companies either already implementing it now, or looking to in the very near future.

Alternatives such as flash storage are becoming less viable due to the sheer amount of data companies of all sizes now receive. In the ComputerWeekly.com and TechTarget research, only 19 per cent of enterprises consider flash storage their number one priority.

Cloud solutions are currently taking hold in so many facets of the technology industry, and this latest research has suggested that it's unlikely to stop at data recovery.

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