Dbvisit Replicate 2.7.04 released

Aug 19, 2014


2.7.04 (18 Aug 2014)

The following items were fixed and/or added:

  1. Include ALTER TABLE DROP (col1, ...) in DDL replication (RQ-1085)
  2. Fix possible out-of-order mine on RAC (RQ-463)
  3. Fix script compatibility with 9i (RQ-1106)
  4. Fix PREPARE_SCHEMA_EXCEPTIONS when multiple delimiters were entered (RQ-1109)
  5. Automatically exclude nested tables from replication (RQ-1108)
  6. Fix possible crash by conflict with Audit enabled table (RQ-976)
  7. Fix use of uninitialized value in numeric ge in NotifyLite (RQ-1097)
  8. Rollback could be ignored if the number of undo segments was very high (RQ-1095)
  9. Fix undef warning for some cases of network issues (RQ-1099)
  10. Fix repository upgrade bug for non-Oracle targets (RQ-1114, RQ-1115)
  11. Fix lookahead when rollback is in next plog (RQ-1111)
  12. Remove warning when insufficient privileges for a log switch (RQ-1118)
  13. Fix in getting SCN of open transaction in (RQ-1120)
  14. Increase how much into the future we look for upcoming rollback on conflict (RQ-1111)
  15. Improve apply loop prevention to handle more complicated scenarios (RQ-1123)
  16. Fix possible crash when unprepared a table that is in conflict (RQ-1130)
  17. Fix possible UTF-8 incorrect replication on MySQL (RQ-706)
  18. Fix PREPARE_SCHEMA_EXCEPTIONS with LOAD instantiation (RQ-1132)
  19. Fix possible missing rollback to savepoint on 12c with multi-tenant (RQ-1111, RQ-1120)
  20. Fix missing list progress in notification emails (RQ-1134)

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