Dbvisit Replicate 2.6.06 released

Sep 4, 2014


2.7.06 (4 Sep 2014)
This is a maintenance release.
Note: If upgrading from a previous version and running RAC, the following grant should be executed by sysdba:
SQL> grant select on gv_$transaction to dbvrep;

  1. Fix setup wizard rename schema was case-sensitive even on Oracle (RQ-1140)
  2. Fix possible double-LOAD when plog transfer restarted (RQ-1144)
  3. Fix incorrect counters with NOLOCK - open transactions during (RQ-1122)
  4. Reduce number of parse calls (one or two per transaction) (RQ-1151)
  5. Fix formatting of conflict SQL (missing to_date) (RQ-395)
  6. Show full SQL text in SQL conflict, do not truncate (backport of RQ-1159)
  7. Possible wrong start SCN with NOLOCK on RAC (RQ-1028)
  8. Fix Use of uninitialized value $last_one_batch_cnt_full in LIST PROGRESS (RQ-1164)
  9. Fix Use of uninitialized value $mine_next_dtime in Notify Sequence SCN diff (RQ-1165)
  10. Small performance and profiling improvements (#6580)
  11. Empty filter condition could crash apply (RQ-1143)
  12. Apply progress includes rate per second (RQ-1157)

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