Dbvisit Announces Reseller Agreement in Saudi Arabia with Azeemi Technologies

Dbvisit Announces Reseller Agreement in Saudi Arabia with Azeemi Technologies

Jan 14, 2016


As a global Oracle database replication software company, Dbvisit’s solutions allow customers to move, protect and manage their critical data, whether on-premise or in the cloud. The Dbvisit product family, which spans disaster recovery, replication, offload reporting, migrations & upgrades, as well as data distribution, is suitable for both Oracle Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition, making it a perfect compliment to Azeemi Technologies current offerings. 

“We have seen a growing interest in our solutions throughout the Middle East region recently, and particularly in Saudi Arabia” says Arjen Visser, Dbvisit CEO. “It was therefore imperative to develop a strong local presence to support these customers. We have been searching for companies that share our philosophy and have an extensive Oracle product knowledge. We are therefore delighted to be partnering with Azeemi Technologies. This partnership will allow us to provide a comprehensive, appropriate solution to customers based on extensive local market knowledge.”  

“Azeemi Technologies is the leading IT consulting company in Middle East, and we always like to offer innovative, smart and trusted IT solutions to our customers. We found Dbvisit’s solutions very unique, cost competitive and offering a lot of value to the IT industry. We foresee much potential & value proposition for the Dbvisit products, as well as a very strong partnership and joint business with Dbvisit,” says Avais Haider Ali, GM Consulting, Azeemi Technologies, Saudi Arabia.

Kelly Langi, Dbvisit Territory Manager, added, “Dbvisit is committed to furthering our presence throughout Saudi Arabia, and, in working with Azeemi Technologies, we are well positioned to do this. Together we can offer a far more responsive service and complete solution to meet our local client needs. And this translates to a better experience for our joint customers.”

About Azeemi Technologies
Azeemi Technologies is the leading IT consulting company providing end-to-end IT services & solutions in the Middle-East, Africa and Asia. Azeemi Technologies offers a complete range of Enterprise IT Services, primarily Enterprise Architecture Consulting, IT Advisory & Planning, Oracle ERP & BI Solutions, Database Consulting and Infrastructure Services. Azeemi Technologies is a customer-focused company committed to providing the highest quality IT consulting services, which align the IT with business and gives maximum value of IT investment, with competitive IT operational costs. For more information, visit http://www.azeemi-tech.com.

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