Dbvisit announces release of latest online self-paced course Dbvisit Standby Essentials

Feb 8, 2017


Dbvisit today announced the release of their latest online self-paced series, Dbvisit Standby Essentials. This course is designed to supplement the newest version of Dbvisit Standby v8 and is designed with both experienced DBAs, and those new to the world of physical replication, in mind.

The formula for this series has been modeled off the hugely successful Dbvisit Replicate Essentials course, and includes videos, quizzes and other visual learning aids.

Dbvisit’s Education Manager Amy Hartnell, has applied her background in language teaching and instructional design principles to ensure the courses are challenging and informative.

Hartnell comments, “We want our students to have a different kind of learning experience, one not based solely on more traditional user guides or lectures but one that embraces different learning styles and the latest technologies . Our courses have been carefully curated, using a combination of visual aids and training methods, to ensure our users are successful in the understanding and implementation of Dbvisit Solutions.”

Dbvisit has a large Dbvisit Standby customer base and expect a significant number to undertake this latest online course over the next few months. For further information, or to book a course, contact us today or read further details on our blog.


Today’s world is all about data! The Enterprise is increasingly powered by data. This data is critical to its success. Access to tools that help customers protect, replicate and move production enterprise data from their Oracle databases in real-time used to be the domain of large corporates. Dbvisit has bought these tools to the mid-market by making them affordable and easy to use. Now all companies can use their data to win!

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