Dbvisit Announces Release of Dbvisit Replicate 2.8

Jun 15, 2016


Dbvisit Software, a leading Oracle database technology company, today announced the release of their latest replication solution Dbvisit Replicate 2.8. This release reflects the company’s support of their customers’ big data initiatives, and the increasing need for access to continuously streaming information, with support for Hadoop and CSV formats. Apache Hadoop is now being used by many companies to provide fast and reliable access to both structured and unstructured data while the CSV file format is popular for a variety of different loading methods so that customers can manipulate and change the data before loading it with their favorite tool.

This latest edition of Dbvisit Replicate further adds to the number of cloud databases supported with the addition of Google Cloud SQL as a supported target.  As more and more companies adopt cloud technologies and are looking for inexpensive scalable databases, Google Cloud SQL is becoming more popular.

Arjen Visser, CEO of Dbvisit Software stated, “We are seeing real pressure on DBAs and architects to provide 24/7 access to company data for business departments such as sales, marketing and finance to enable better decision making.  More than ever before, companies are realising the competitive advantages that are contained within their own customer data and are seeking to access this data in real-time for more effective business decisions. We help IT departments by giving them the means to plug directly into this data stream and provide access to the right data, at the right time, to the right people.“

Chris Lawless, VP Product Management  added, “We are ensuring our technology roadmaps and development reflect the shift towards big data and information accessibility. The days of proprietary, siloed information are gone, so we need to ensure that as customers move their data they are able to choose where and how that information is delivered, whether that be in the cloud, within Oracle platforms or to destinations of their choice.”  

Dbvisit replication solutions allow companies to easily access and exploit that continuous stream of data which results from the detailed interactions of customers, partners and employees with their organization. A 30 day free trial can be downloaded at any time. Register for one of the Dbvisit Replicate upcoming webinars to understand more about how streaming your data with Dbvisit can transform your business.

About Dbvisit

Dbvisit develops, sells and supports innovative replication software solutions that move data in real-time from a company's production Oracle databases to the systems that form the foundation of their decision-making and digital business initiatives. These systems can be in the cloud, hybrid or on-premise. We offer worldwide, world-class support and product training, and our trusted global partner network provides local consulting, implementation and other training services.

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