Can stronger data encryption battle future cyberthreats?

Can stronger data encryption battle future cyberthreats?

May 5, 2015


There can be little denying that data security is reaching a tipping point. Mega breaches are becoming all too common, and long gone are the days that information is safe merely because it's behind a company firewall.

Today, threats are growing in complexity and the trend is unlikely to be broken going forward. As the old adage goes, the future is limitless. Unfortunately, that mantra is likely to ring true in terms of the damage an enterprise level intrusion can cause.

Organisations should make data security in the cloud a top priority.

CISOs and growing threats

How can businesses react? Well, many are putting more faith in their chief information security officers (CISOs).

In a survey of 138 business security leaders conducted by IBM, 90 per cent maintained that they are having more of an influence across the entirety of their enterprises, in part due to the growing severity of threats.

While that's an encouraging sign, as it appears that more business leaders are standing up and taking notice of enterprise security, the commitment of more infrastructure to the cloud is exacerbating issues.

In fact, IBM outlined that organisations should make data security in the cloud a top priority within the wider business, let alone the IT department. More on the IBM research, and further statistics, can be found in this video:

Oracle encryption and security

Ultimately, the most progressive businesses will already be thinking about how they can react to a security breach, rather than try to adapt if and when one occurs. Having a standby database in place can be the first step, and fortunately, Oracle is keeping things simple for its enterprise users by allowing for better data encryption management.

Alongside offering consistent patches, the company has a number of services, namely Oracle Key Vault, which sees enterprise users centrally controlling encryption keys from one hub.

Tools such as this are likely to become even more valuable, as more thorough data encryption will be a powerful weapon in the arsenal of CISOs going forward.

Encryption is by no means foolproof, but it can limit the affects of breaches as and when they occur.Encryption is by no means foolproof, but it can limit the affects of breaches as they occur.

While encryption cannot guarantee that all breaches will be culled, its affects are cumulative and will make multiple intrusions less likely, as noted by The Data Center Journal.

Ultimately, the progressive nature of the modern cyberattack is making the lives of those tasked with protecting their company's information more difficult. However, CISOs in particular will have the opportunity to raise their own importance within the wider enterprise, while data security in general will also have to be aligned with any broader aims.

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