Business continuity driving data center concerns in Australia

Business continuity driving data center concerns in Australia

Jul 30, 2014


Business continuity is becoming increasingly important to Australian enterprises and the wider Asia-Pacific region in general, recent research has suggested. 

A Digital Realty Trust-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting showed business continuity is a primary concern for firms, which in turn is boosting data center services growth. 

Just over one-third (34 per cent) of Asia-Pacific organizations said their ability to maintain operations after a disaster was a factor in data center decisions. This figure increased to 37 per cent in Australia, where only big data (50 per cent) and virtualization (39 per cent) ranked as more important. Developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan enables firms to improve processes for coping in such circumstances. 

The survey also found 76 per cent of Australian firms are looking to increase expenditure on data center services over the next 12 months. Of these, 59 per cent said they would expand the budget by between 5 and 10 per cent, while 17 per cent are looking to spend an even higher proportion. 

Kris Kumar, senior vice-president and regional head of Digital Realty's Asia-Pacific division, said big data and analytics trends mean consumers are generating more information than ever before.

"Organizations are realizing the true business benefits this data holds and this is reflective in Australian organizations' intentions to increase spending on data centre facilities," he explained.

Effective business continuity allows companies to avoid productivity and revenue losses in the event of a systems failure that would otherwise hamper normal operational performance. Tools such as standby databases will assist with ensuring vital business data is protected and recoverable.

The importance of data access was highlighted in the Digital Realty study, with network connectivity, carrier availability and carrier density issues ranking as top considerations when buying new data center services.

Nearly three-quarters of respondents listed these factors as 'very important', alongside cloud access and energy cost.

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