Dbvisit Replicate 2.3.10 released

May 1, 2012



  1. Setup wizard now defaults to use INADR_ANY ( for listen interfaces, thus making dbvrep processes listen on all network interfaces
  2. Added directory for dp import
  3. Check tables on apply only if no import scripts are created (e.g. for resetlogs instantiation)
  4. Default conflict handlers
  5. Streamline setup wizard questions for tables and schemas
  6. Backup re-downloaded plogs (and redologs from fetcher). Can be useful for support.
  7. Create table as select support (without LOB columns)
  8. Fix various small bugs with table/schema rename in setup wizard and ddl-create
  9. Fix various small bugs in set_conflict_handlers command
  10. DBRSAPPLY_PKG now has audit information variables (this version thus requires repository uprade)

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