Dbvisit Replicate 2.3.08 released

Apr 18, 2012


2.3.08 (16 April 2012)

  1. If exp or expdp (using file) is used to load the data, the script now contains the import, too
  2. Fix: disappearing list progress in console
  3. DDL scripts (created by *-all script) now include primary keys (if CDC is not used)
  4. Fixed default path names in setup wizard if target was on different platform (Windows x Un*x)
  5. Disable hostname detection if multiple hostnames are found (on RAC, we could autodetect wrong node)
  6. Fix for 2-way (and other shared-database) replication setup.dbvrep script
  7. Support can enable special dynamic library handling
  8. Bundle the mysql libraries
  9. Fixed memory leak introduced in 2.3.04
  10. LIST CONFLICT command
  11. DDL commands get a proper id (shown and used with conflicts)
  12. Fixed truncate of long commands at 2kB
  13. Do not generate support package for "Could not open port" error (usually shown when dbvrep was already running)
  14. Fixes in online PREPARE
  15. Fixes in parsing new user being created
  16. PREPARE could fail if executed as first command just after console started
  17. Let SHOW_CONFLICT_HANDLERS handle properly tables that are prepared on mine only

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