Dbvisit And Google Cloud SQL

Dbvisit Replicate is a comprehensive and flexible software product bringing cost-effective logical replication solutions to organizations using Oracle databases. It uses its own efficient internal redo log-based mining change data capture (CDC) technology to detect changes to be replicated and then streams the changed data in real-time across Oracle and non-Oracle databases.  

How Does It Work?

Google Cloud SQL instances can be used as an endpoint by Dbvisit Replicate, which works on an Oracle source database to identify changes to tables and schemas to be replicated.  The change log is delivered in real-time to the connected database target. In this way data, or subsets of the Oracle repository, can be published to Google Cloud SQL databases. The data can then be used for migrations, inquiry and analysis, reporting, business intelligence, data warehousing, and other applications.



Dbvisit Replicate makes use of a logical replication mechanism to mine changes made to an Oracle source database, and publish and then apply these to a connected target database. As well as supporting Oracle-to-Oracle configurations it can work within various heterogeneous environments - and this includes support for Google Cloud SQL as a target. 


   Dbvisit Replicate and Google Cloud SQL Presentation                


 Dbvisit Replicate and Google Cloud SQL Presentation Script


Why Dbvisit Replicate to Google Cloud SQL?

A Dbvisit Replicate configuration can power the following use cases, for business benefit:

Migration and Upgrades. 

In these tough economic times, organizations are trying to lower costs in all of their business operations. One key method for cutting IT costs is migration: migration to hardware that is less expensive to purchase and operate; migration to less costly operating systems; and migration away from older versions of Oracle to reduce costs of extended support contracts. Dbvisit Replicate will facilitate the migration and upgrades with almost no outage.

Physical replication is analogous with using a tool such as rsync to synchronize Word document, with rsync replicating the file at the binary file level.

One Central Database With Satellite Offices.

Dbvisit Replicate will replicate only specific data that is applicable to satellite offices.

Reporting on MySQL Databases.

Dbvisit Replicate will replicate the data out of a central Oracle database into an open source MySQL database (ie: Google Cloud SQL) for reporting purposes, therefore offloading this from the main central database, enabling effective database workload tuning, and alternative access and security provisioning.

Loading of Data Warehouses.

Dbvisit Replicate can detect changes to source data and load these into the staging areas of a data warehouse for business intelligence reporting or ETL processing.

Integration With Other Systems.

Dbvisit Replicate can detect changes to source data and push this into other systems.

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