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Dbvisit standby

Dbvisit Standby for Oracle Standard Edition disaster recovery

#1 Alternative to Data Guard

Save up to 80% on Oracle® licensing costs.
Easily manage and create Oracle Standard Edition (SE) standby databases - Data Guard alternative.
It's simple and hassle free!

The 5 top reasons to use Dbvisit Standby:

  • Trusted by DBAs in 800 companies in over 80 countries
  • Elegant fully featured web-based interface plus command line
  • Full support for RAC, ASM and OMF
  • Automatic creation of standby database to save time
  • Designed to make life easy for DBAs and Administrators

Dbvisit Replicate

Dbvisit Replicate for real-time Oracle database replication

Move data your way!

For projects, departments, divisions and companies:
Different Editions for Different Needs

Cloud and managed hosting providers welcome!

Real-time Oracle database replication solution for reporting, migrating and consolidating Oracle to Oracle, MySQL® and Microsoft® SQL Server databases.

Why Dbvisit Replicate:

  • Installation: Intuitive wizard driven setup for easy deployment and to save time
  • Configurations: Full support for RAC, ASM and OMF; cloud, on-premise, hybrid environments
  • Technology: Internal redo log mining, conflict detection and resolution handlers
  • Affordable: Three editions to choose from to meet your needs and your budget
  • Flexible: Perpetual license or monthly use pricing
  • Support: Highly regarded responsive, effective, and caring product support

Example Use Cases:

  • Offload Reporting

    Offload Reporting: easily create dedicated, cost-effective reporting environments that remove the resource demands of reporting directly from your production systems.

  • Database upgrade

    Database upgrade: reduce the application outage time to almost zero and perform the migration over a period of time.

  • Oracle replication

    Oracle replication: maintain up-to-date copies of data in multiple databases simultaneously.