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Smart Alternative to Data Guard

Dbvisit Standby is trusted in over 80 countries to protect your data from hardware and logical failures, natural disasters, human error and outages. It is the smart alternative to Oracle Data Guard enabling you to cost-effectively protect your critical data infrastructure and get more out of your existing investment in Oracle® Database Standard Edition and Standard Edition one software.

Dbvisit Standby vs Data Guard

Functionality Dbvisit Standby Data Guard
Works with Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux, 32bit and 64bit
Low cost solution
Easy to use and manage
Supports Oracle versions 8i to 11g, both 32 bit and 64 bit
Supports Oracle RAC, flash recovery area, OMF and ASM file systems
Automatic Graceful switchover (role reversal)
Provides switch over for planned maintenance and upgrades
Time-delayed updating of standby database
Automatic continuation without intervention of DBA
Automatic notification alerting via email
Automated management and monitoring of Oracle logs on both primary and standby server
Simple failover to activate standby database in case of disaster
Maximum performance mode
Secure shell used for log transportation
Encryption and compression as standard
Multiple standby databases each with their own schedule
Precise timing of update (snapshot capability)
Creation of Standby database
Easy creation of primary database for failback purposes
Automated Read Only window Option Scheduling
Additional memory resources used from host server
Additional storage resources used from host server
Protection from database corruption being replicated
Automatically replicates all changes including new tables and columns

Dbvisit Standby does not use SQL*Net, it uses secure shell (ssh) mechanism even on Windows. Dbvisit Standby for Windows includes ssh software from Bitvise to securely transfer the updates to the standby server.
This makes Dbvisit Standby on all platforms very secure and servers are not compromised by using non secure ports and non encrypted transport mechanisms.




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