• Jarmo Alatalo
    Database Architect
    City of Lohja

    I have tested Dbvisit Standby with one of my customers and I have to say that you’ve done excellent work. Installation and configuration was easy and it took about half an hour to put Dbvisit Standby to work.

  • Mike Andrews
    MercuryGate International

    Thank you for your timely updates and consistent support. It reminds me of why we went with Dbvisit Standby.

  • Wayne Straughn
    Database Administrator
    The Barbados Light & Power Company Ltd, Barbados

    Dbvisit Standby is a tool that helps hard-pressed technical staff by TRULY simplifying and automating the complex management of standby databases. It’s easy to set up and use, and the speed and quality of support provided is great.

  • Alexis Grant
    The College of Law

    As always, quick and a straight fix to a problem.

  • Yvan De Cneef
    ICT Manager
    Goffin Bank NV

    Every bank, small or big, has to put in place a stable, remote disaster recovery solution. Goffin Bank implemented Dbvisit Standby. Compared to other solutions, Dbvisit Standby was enormously cost effective, easy to install, easy to maintain and above all, reliable! I would definitely recommend Dbvisit Standby as an Oracle DR solution!

  • Mark Weeden
    Senior Software Developer/Oracle DBA, OCP

    Thanks for your assistance and your good product. We took our first Summit Canada data centre client live the first weekend in February with two standby servers. The latest patch supporting the ability to automatically process the archive log on the standby server is brilliant. I always like less maintenance and fewer things to go wrong. Keep up the good work.

  • Guus Meijer
    Directeur Operations / COO
    Connexys Talent Technology

    Dbvisit Standby solved our disaster recovery challenges with an easy to use solution. My DBA is very pleased with the small footprint and overhead and we have used Dbvisit Standby in our hardware renewal process frequently with a minimum of downtime. Responses to our questions and updates in the Dbvisit Standby software are as quick as can be.

  • Muhammad A. Khan
    Senior Oracle DBA

    A few months ago my company was looking for an alternative to Oracle Data Guard for Oracle Standard Edition. During my search I came across Dbvisit Standby. We’re now using this product for one client and planning to deploy it for others.
    Dbvisit Standby installation was easy, and customer service is awesome. I would highly recommend Dbvisit Standby as an alternative to Oracle Data Guard.

  • Francisco Andrades Grassi
    Ogangi Corporation

    We managed to have it (Dbvisit Standby) up and running in a very short time. We have now a standby database that will cover any hardware failure on our production database. That’s exactly the solution we were looking for. Thanks a lot for a great product!

  • Joe Lennert
    Senior Software Developer

    Was it Einstein who once said “Things should be as complex as they need to be, but no more ...”?
    I’m sure he would think that Dbvisit Standby hit the mark! As the solution takes a complex problem and distills it down to a reliable, cost effective, and easy to use product. It works as advertised, and the support is great!
    If anyone is considering this product, give it a try, it sells itself.

  • Steve Fenwick
    IS Manager
    DA-Desk Fze
    United Arab Emirates

    For your info - our manually scripted standby database used to fall out of sync on a daily basis before the installation of Dbvisit Standby. We have not had a single outage since. I am much impressed.

  • Tommy O'Neill
    Head of IT
    Progressive Building Society

    Dbvisit Standby’s standby database solution has given our organization’s Oracle Disaster Recovery Strategy a depth that was previously missing. It is very cost effective when compared to alternative solutions and we have been impressed enough by its functionality and reliability since implementation to recommend it to other companies also working within the Building Society movement.

  • Mike Meerding
    Database Administrator

    One of the main attractions of Dbvisit Standby is that it takes the complication out of setting up and running Oracle standby databases. The Dbvisit Standby support people have been of valuable assistance with the more technical aspects of Oracle.

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