• Dbvisit Standby solved our disaster recovery challenges with an easy to use solution. My DBA is very pleased with the small footprint and overhead and we have used Dbvisit Standby in our hardware renewal process frequently with a minimum of downtime. Responses to our questions and updates in the Dbvisit Standby software are as quick as can be.

    Guus Meijer, Directeur Operations / COO— Connexys Talent Technology

Dbvisit Software Reviews

A collection of independent reviews from the Oracle community.

Tim Hall's ORACLE-Base Blog (Jan 10, 2012):

Dbvisit Standby…

EXCERPT: It’s a really nice product. Simple to install. Easy to use. Does exactly what it says it does. Most importantly, it’s backed by a cool group of people. When I tried the previous releases I had a few comments about the documentation and those were taken on board and changes were made…

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Dbvisit Standby Installation on Oracle Linux 5

EXCERPT: Dbvisit Standby is an alternative to Oracle Data Guard for creating and managing standby databases. Although I normally stick to core Oracle technologies, I thought it was worth investigating because Dbvisit Standby works equally well on Standard Edition databases, unlike Data Guard, which is an Enterprise Edition option. In this article I will be focusing on the Linux installation only. ...

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Ronald Rood's Blog (Oct 25, 2011):

Cost reduction using Oracle SE and dbvisit standby

EXCERPT: Often we get to hear that Oracle is so expensive. First thing that pops up into my mind is: are you using the Oracle in a smart way? Sure, Oracle EE licenses have a price and it is quickly more than I can afford. However, if you use it for a site that earns you a Million per day, it is cheap compared to the loss you make during an hour of downtime, planned or unplanned…

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Ronald Rood's Blog (Oct 31, 2011):

How to configure Dbvisit to manage existing standby database running SE

EXCERPT: Standby database are around since a long time. Since Oracle integrated Data Guard, the maintenance of a standby database has become a lot easier than before, when you are running Enterprise Edition (EE). Those who are running Standard Edition (SE) are left in the cold. This is exactly where Dbvisit jumps in with their product Dbvisit Standby…

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About Ronald Rood - Oracle ACE

Ronald is an Oracle Certfied Master who has been part of the Oracle story since 1987 and Oracle version 6.  Ronald has written many publications and has given many presentations with great enthusiasm. He has written 'Mastering Oracle Scheduler' and participated in the technical reviewers team for a list of other books.

He is an all round DBA, Oracle Tuning Specialist, Oracle BI Implementation Specialist with broad experience in building highly available systems, where downtime is not an option.

Surachart Opun's Blog (Dec 29, 2011):

Just tested to create Standby Database - Dbvisit Standby 6.0.16

EXCERPT: I have 2 hosts (virtualbox) with Oracle Restart + SE database. I tested to create Standby Database by using “dbvisit_setup” command-line (Dbvisit Standby 6.0.14)...

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About Surachart Opun - Oracle ACE

Surachart Opun has over 5 years experience in Oracle Technology. He is an active writer in his blog about Oracle related issues/experiences. He also contributes in the OTN Forums whenever possible . He is an OCP 10g and OCE RAC 10gR2.


Alex Gorbachev Pythian CTO - Dbvisit Standby Case Study
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