• Dbvisit Standby was straightforward to install and easy for the implementation team to work with. We would readily use Dbvisit again as part of a future solution, and in fact are looking to retrofit it to several existing customer sites to improve their disaster recovery systems.

    Andy Jones, Sales Director— Northgate Public Services

Eliminate Slow and Expensive Batch Loads

Eliminate Slow Batch Loads 

Traditionally Oracle data has been processed via scheduled batch updates or loads. These often feed Oracle database source data and changes “as quickly as possible” into operational data stores and data warehouse environments, or secondary target databases, for the purpose of reporting and auditing, or for use in analytics and Business Intelligence systems.

Whereas organizations were previously happy to accept once-daily offloading of operational data to these secondary systems, for processing and analysis, the tolerance for such delay windows is reducing. Scheduled outage windows and data processing delays are no longer acceptable to business units who increasingly recognize the value of data as an asset, and often have an expectation of data access whenever it is required. 

Dbvisit Replicate allows you to eliminate these slow batch feeds from your environment forever. This affordable solution provides the continuous transfer of data from your Oracle OLTP database into a staging table or as CSV output to a specified location, transferring the data in real-time.

Changes to the source system are immediately applied to the downstream systems, using our change data capture technology, specifically designed for Oracle databases.

Eliminate Slow and Expensive Batch Loads

 Dbvisit Replicate offers a trusted, affordable solution for Oracle companies to eliminate batch loads that impact data availability. It enables delivery of a continuous data flow from Oracle databases to the data warehouses or systems of choice.

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