Case Studies


  • WorkForce Software


    In 2006, WorkForce Software, a company that provides critical human resource functions to a large proportion of their customers using a Software as a Service delivery model via the web, realized that a business continuity system would be an essential component of their application hosting environment as they transitioned their product offering into the cloud. It was now up to them, not the customer, to ensure that customer data would be recoverable in the event of a disaster and after extensive evaluation they became one of the early users of DBVISIT STANDBY solution.



  • Galileo Processing


    Galileo Processing is a rapidly growing provider of international payment solutions within the United States and internationally. Continued growth meant they needed to migrate their extensive customer and transaction databases to a new platform. Galileo Processing used DBVISIT REPLICATE to successfully migrate over 1.5TB of data to new database infrastructure whilst maintaining service level of 99.999%.



  • Northgate Public Services


    The UK Heavy Goods Vehicle payment system records payments and reports compliance for  journeys made by foreign HGVs visiting Britain and has collected over £30 million in levies in the first 8 months of the scheme. With a massive 24x7 operation such as this, Business Continuity was critical and Northgate Public Services chose to use DBVISIT STANDBY.



  • 7-Eleven


    There are over 1,000 7-Eleven stores across the Philippines, serving a population of 99 million people. Supporting that number of stores, and servicing a population base spread across a large number of islands, requires 7-Eleven to operate a significant and complex series of warehouses. 7-Eleven selected DBVISIT STANDBY as the solution for their Business Continuity needs.



  • eSolution



    eSolution helps clients with the design, implementation and ongoing operation of highly available & scalable solutions. When presented with the challenge of building a data migration process for a client’s online fundraising system, which would successfully migrate 300GB of data to Oracle 11g with a total application outage of less than five minutes, eSolution turned to DBVISIT REPLICATE.



  • Orion Health

    Orion Health


    Orion Health is a leading provider of health software with proven experience in delivering interoperable, connected solutions for healthcare facilities, organizations and regions. As Orion Health has grown and extended into new markets, the solutions they offer have evolved. By deploying DBVISIT STANDBY as part of its HIE SaaS platform, Orion Health has been able to significantly reduce its costs and thereby offer clients a more cost-effective SaaS solution.



  • Centre Paul Strauss


    The Centre Paul Strauss is a dedicated cancer hospital located in the Alsace region of France which provides patient care, from diagnosis to therapeutic treatment, at all stages of the disease. As well as patient care, the centre is involved in research and teaching and is a part of the French UNICANCER group of hospitals, each of which focus exclusively on cancer. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution housed within the Centre Paul Strauss data center is a critical component in the delivery of patient care. To ensure continued service to users, they have installed a high availability configuration, including remote disaster recovery (DR) site, using DBVISIT STANDBY.



  • Wim Bosman

    Wim Bosman


    For over 45 years Wim Bosman has provided a full range of services, from European warehousing, distribution and logistics services to global air and ocean freight services. Tasked with deploying and supporting a Warehouse Management System (WMS) system on an unfamiliar platform, Wim Bosman’s IT department scanned the market for a solution which would ensure that, in the event of complete failure at the primary site, the DR site could be up and operational within minutes. The IT department then began searching for a smarter alternative, and identified DBVISIT STANDBY data replication as a  Business Continuity solution that will save them 83% in software license fees over 5 years when compared with the Oracle alternative.



  • LogicEase


    LogicEase Solutions Inc. is the company behind the mortgage industry’s leading automated compliance solution. When LogicEase IT executives initiated a project to enhance the company’s disaster recovery technology to further protect their online application environments they required a solution that would operate flawlessly across two geographically distinct database sites. Find out why they chose DBVISIT STANDBY.



  • Westpeak


    Westpeak Global Advisors, an independent investment management company, chose DBVISIT STANDBY based on the features, focus and affordability it offered them. Westpeak DBA, Jill Salo recounts her experience working with Dbvisit Standby when it was put to the test when the company’s production database was lost, requiring activation of the standby.





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