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Using a combination of Dbvisit Standby and Dbvisit Replicate, Yesss ensures that all their Oracle Standard Edition databases and systems delivers up-to-date data and is available to users when and where they needed it.

The founders of Yesss Electrical set out to disrupt and modernize the way the electrical trade is supplied with products.


Yesss’s objective is to improve the level of service in an industry which they see as being “stuck in the 1970’s”. Their aim is to provide an extremely high level of customer service through skilled and knowledgeable sales staff, and to make the customer “feel loved”. In doing so, they want to develop customer loyalty, and for clients to build a relationship with their local branch.


Yesss is using a range of modern technology to enable this. 

The Challenge

Since commencing business in 2012, Yesss has grown rapidly to the point today where they have over 100 branches in the United Kingdom, as well as outlets in Italy, the Netherlands, Germany and France.


Their strategy for improving customer service is to hire skilled and knowledgeable staff, and support them with great technology. To enable this, Yesss has embraced a range of modern technologies and platforms. This includes an in-house developed central management system supported and maintained by their internal IT team of around 20 members.


Their core system has a C# front end and an Oracle database back end. Yesss provides multiple points of access for users, from web portals to mobile applications, along with a suite of advanced reporting and data analytics functions.


Yesss needed to ensure that all of their systems utilized consistent and up-to-date data, and that this data was available to users when and where they needed it. They had to ensure the demands of their mobile app users, combined with the intensive data access requirements of their reporting systems, did not impact their online transactional systems. They also needed to ensure their production systems continued to be available even in the event of a failure at their primary site.


In designing their solution, Yesss wanted to leverage their prior success with Oracle Standard Edition (SE). To deliver data replication with an Oracle SE database, Yesss looked to their partner Red Stack, a Dbvisit partner with prior success using Dbvisit products.

The Solution

Yesss designed their solution using a combination of Dbvisit Replicate and Dbvisit Standby.


Yesss has configured Dbvisit Replicate to make “read only” copies of core Yesss databases. These are used for a range of purposes including offload reporting and access by mobile applications. Dbvisit Replicate reproduces a subset of the Yesss databases’ schemas and tables, efficiently replicating only the data required by these read-only systems.


Yesss’s Oracle Business Intelligence system uses this replicated reporting database as the source of its report data.


Yesss’s mobile application currently allows their customers to browse the Yesss product catalogue, as well as locate and contact branches. Yesss has plans to extend the data available to mobile users over time. By using a replicated database as the source of data for the mobile app, Yesss can be confident that heavy usage by mobile users will not impact the performance of the branches’ core online systems used for ordering and invoicing.


The data replication solution triggers stored procedures in the read-only database that perform a range of actions including placing data into Excel spreadsheets and distributing data (CSV) files via e-mail.


Yesss uses Dbvisit Standby to deliver a cost-effective disaster recovery (DR) solution using Oracle Standard Edition databases. Their databases are replicated between two geographically dispersed data centers hosted by an external IT provider. This solution ensures continued operation of Yesss’s systems in the event of a failure at the primary site.


Yesss was able to set up both Dbvisit products using the available online training material, supplemented by a few specific clarification questions sent to Dbvisit’s support team and supported by Red Stack.


Says Simon Pritchard from Yesss; “We found the Dbvisit products easy to use; they just worked. The products were quick and easy to get set up and running using Dbvisit’s online training material and documentation. If we needed additional help, Dbvisit’s support line always provided us with excellent responses, often within three or four minutes!”.

The Result

The Yesss databases replicated and protected by Dbvisit Replicate and Standby currently hold around 120GB of data, and are growing constantly.


Dbvisit Standby performs a replication every 15 minutes, giving a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 15 minutes. This represents the maximum potential data loss in the event of a failure of the primary system, measured in time.


Yesss has discovered a further benefit of using Dbvisit Replicate. Since it allows replication between disparate database management systems, Yesss has been able to use Dbvisit Replicate to replicate their Oracle 11 databases to Oracle 12. This has enabled them to test Oracle 12 for their production databases without committing to upgrade their primary databases.


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About Dbvisit

Dbvisit develops disaster recovery and database replication products that ensure an organization’s critical data is available and up-to-date when and where it is needed; whether on-premises, in the cloud or a combination of both.


Dbvisit was formed in 2006 to develop Dbvisit Standby, an off-the-shelf, low-cost, high performance disaster recovery solution for Oracle Standard Edition (SE) database users. Today, Dbvisit Standby is the world's leading Data Guard alternative solution for Oracle Standard Edition. Dbvisit Replicate was developed in response to a market need for a smart alternative to Oracle GoldenGate and Oracle Streams products. It delivers the full power and potential of database replication and real-time data streaming at an affordable price. 


Over 1300 business, academic, and public sector organizations in 110 countries trust Dbvisit products to deliver replication for their Oracle databases. Since 2011, Dbvisit has been ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for Asia Pacific for the fastest growing technology companies in the region. Dbvisit is an Oracle Gold Partner.



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