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"Dbvisit Standby is easy to use. We highly recommend it in terms of price and performance over other options for delivering redundant Oracle databases on AWS”.

Caleb Harris, Digital Platform Architect

With a history in traditional print, signage and promotional products, Vistaprint recognized early on the importance of being involved in online services. This resulted in them making a strategic move into online publishing, offering their clients a range of solutions, including a website builder and website hosting.


Vistaprint recently moved their online platform from an outdated facility on to Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2. As part of this move they used Dbvisit to perform their data migration. Having successfully completed the migration, and having been impressed with the ease of use and performance of Dbvisit’s software, Vistaprint elected to deliver their disaster recovery solution for AWS using Dbvisit Standby.


The solution using Dbvisit Standby with AWS, multiple Availability Zones, and Oracle Standard Edition provides Vistaprint with a cost effective Disaster Recovery solution which meets their required levels of resilience and recoverability, without impacting the performance or operation of their production systems.


Vistaprint now uses Dbvisit Standby to perform real-time synchronization between their production and backup Oracle databases running on AWS.


The Challenge

After several years of operation, the infrastructure was coming to the end of its life. This housed Vistaprint’s website builder platform, hosted customer websites and many of their own payment and billing applications.


Their existing platform was inflexible and no longer offered the scalability they required to support growing customer volumes. Furthermore, their data center was outdated, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to secure support agreements for their hardware. This put at risk the systems of Vistaprint’s global clients, as well as many of their own business-critical systems


Rather than invest significant capital in replacement infrastructure, Vistaprint made the decision to move to a new platform: AWS. AWS provided the modern resources they needed to operate; delivering a reliable platform with minimal capital outlay.


They initially looked at using Amazon’s Relational Database Service (RDS) across multiple Availability Zones (AZs), until their enterprise cloud solution partner Neovera,suggested they investigate Dbvisit Standby.


Their research led them to conclude that Dbvisit Standby, with raw Oracle Standard Edition databases on Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) web service, provided significant cost savings while maintaining the highest levels of redundancy, resilience and availability.


The Solution

With the design complete, Vistaprint set about creating a resilient database environment in AWS, using Dbvisit Standby and Oracle Standard Edition (SE) databases installed on an AWS EC2 environment.


Since Vistaprint had already successfully used Dbvisit Standby for their data migration, their team was familiar with the installation, configuration and operation of the product. With this experience, it took two of Vistaprint’s engineers less than two weeks to set up the production Disaster Recovery environment in AWS EC2 and complete testing.


Says Caleb Harris, Vistaprint’s Digital Platform Architect “We had no problems with setting up the Dbvisit Standby solution, everything including the network configuration worked great from the first time”.


Vistaprint uses Dbvisit Standby to replicate its production databases which total over 3TB of data, and which are growing constantly.


The Result

The operation of Dbvisit Standby in their primary database environment has no impact on the performance of their production systems.


With 3TB of data to replicate, Vistaprint’s databases experience transaction volumes of between 200MB and 300MB of data each hour. Dbvisit Standby replicates the data changes associated with these transactions from the primary to the secondary database every 30 minutes. It typically takes less than 60 seconds to complete each replication.


Vistaprint’s DR solution provides them with a Recovery Point Objective (or RPO, the maximum data loss in the event of a full failure of the primary site) of 30 minutes, and a Recovery Time Objective (or RTO, the longest it would take to restore their service in the event of a failure) of 60 minutes.


The solution using Dbvisit Standby with AWS, multiple Availability Zones, and Oracle Standard Edition provides Vistaprint with a cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution which meets their required levels of resilience and recoverability, without impacting the performance or operation of their production systems.


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About Dbvisit

Dbvisit develops disaster recovery and database replication products that ensure an organization’s critical data is available and up-to-date when and where it is needed; whether on-premises, in the cloud or a combination of both.


Dbvisit was formed in 2006 to develop Dbvisit Standby, an off-the-shelf, low-cost, high performance disaster recovery solution for Oracle Standard Edition (SE) database users. Today, Dbvisit Standby is the world's leading Data Guard alternative solution for Oracle Standard Edition. Dbvisit Replicate delivers the full power and potential of database replication and real-time data streaming at an affordable price. 


Over 1300 business, academic, and public sector organizations in 110 countries trust Dbvisit products to deliver replication for their Oracle databases. Since 2011, Dbvisit has been ranked in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 for Asia Pacific for the fastest growing technology companies in the region. Dbvisit is an Oracle Gold Partner.



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